COMMENT: Another waste. Priske is playing for time and Sparta should give him time

COMMENT: Another waste. Priske is playing for time and Sparta should give him time
COMMENT: Another waste. Priske is playing for time and Sparta should give him time

But Brian Priske, Sparta’s football coach, inadvertently turned this scene into a ritual. And when he repeated himself on Saturday after a frightening performance and a goalless draw with Zlín, instead of support there was already a deafening whistle from the stands.

No wonder. Sparta continues to produce football waste, the treatment by the Danish expert does not work. The team was kicked out of the cups at the first opportunity, losing points four times during the seven league rounds, and Pilsen and Slavia, with whom the Spartans wanted to compete, are already bouncing back in the table. So what about that?

“We are not magicians,” Priske defended himself on Saturday. “We’re all doing everything we can to improve the game and the results, but it doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger.”

Priske is logically playing for time. And so far, his argument still stands.

Can you get a moribund company back on its feet in less than three months?

Transform a dilapidated villa into a luxury mansion?

Or practice a perfect theater performance with a disparate ensemble of actors?

If so, then hats off to you. Priske can’t do such miracles by waiting, we can already say that.

He works with a squad that has a few excellent players, a few talented ones, and a lot of mediocre ones. He knew what material he was going to get, and now it’s up to him to show that he can push the team forward.

What else is left for Sparta but to be patient for once?

After all, Priske is supposed to be a coach for conceptual work, that’s why they chose him for Letná. No adventurer in a suit worth hundreds of thousands with zero know-how, like the Ital Stramaccioni, with whom they had an expensive fight.

If they should start thinking now that the coach has it bent, it would be a mistake. This is precisely one of the things that has been holding Sparta back for a long time. Also because he often jumps from extreme to extreme and solves almost every crisis by firing the coach, he has not won a single title in the last eight years.

It’s as if she couldn’t understand for years that if she plans a route and believes it will lead her to her destination, she can’t get off it at the first fork.

This does not mean at all that she should ignore the problems: there are plenty of them at all levels. But the ones that bother her on the field, she has to let Priske solve.

He must expect that the Danish coach will receive criticism and that even long-suffering fans will whistle at him. He will definitely not get peace of mind at work in Sparta, especially if the team plays as poorly as in recent weeks and continues to be so predictable.

The recipe for Sparta is quite simple so far. Even the below-average Zlín had to stick to the tactical plan: they deployed five defenders and forced Sparta to attack on the edges, from which many dangerous centers did not fly.

If Priske doesn’t learn quickly from the messed up matches, he can’t be surprised that someone will throw him the end of his previous engagement in Antwerp: there he said goodbye after disagreements with the club president and even after a year he couldn’t improve the team in any way.

But now Sparta should hold on and give the coach time. After all, she pointed to him because he was celebrating the title and promotion to the Champions League with the Danish Midtjylland, where they work conceptually and without big circles.

Let them try the same thing on Letná.

They don’t really have any other option.

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