The only home win was against FC Bank Ostrava

The only home win was against FC Bank Ostrava
The only home win was against FC Bank Ostrava

The club leader does not believe that the Bank’s entry into the first league season was unsuccessful. Of course, we cannot be satisfied, especially with these losses at home. The only home loss from that match is the side’s goal, said sports editor Alois Grussmann.

Six points after seven rounds and third place in the table undoubtedly do not float the pre-season window…

That goes without saying. No one thought that we would not score at all in the first home games, and the first loss at home is the result of our current position in the table. While away from home, with the exception of a very unsuccessful first half, our performances were not bad at Bohemka, and the team showed a certain standard of play and quality, but at home they really did not succeed. We only beat Zln and that’s due to mlo draw.

How will you react to a failed start?

To prevent any speculation, the poor start is very painful for us and we deal with it twenty-four hours a day, but it has not changed the coach’s position in any way. Pavel Vrba’s position is exactly the same as before the first round. We have to find a way out of the current situation with our full house and together. Before the season, at the press conference, one of the main goals was to present the inventory of our team. The movement in the A-tmu squad in the past two weeks, when they played those games, also corresponds with this. but the water wheel showed us at the same time that it cannot be done without quality improvement.

So does this mean that you can wait for some steps to be taken in the sample quarter?

It’s open. But it’s not just about the last few days, we’ve led a lot in the last few weeks. We talked about a few things, various names and variants came up, but until this moment nothing is ready. I can probably reveal that we asked for Vlkanova, for example, but unfortunately Pilsen can’t compete in the current situation, so that’s easy. We do not have such financial possibilities. And drinking at any cost is played elsewhere, just because, and someone comes, we don’t want that either. But spare less than two days to go and you’ll be sure one of them is open. We are sure, however, that the current team has the quality to get out of the current situation – the torn city – on its own. That must be your first endeavor. Don’t follow the top, but get to the middle of the table, as far as possible from the last 3 places. So I would define and reevaluate a current short-term goal for the next few weeks and months.

Is Ladislav Almsi’s health getting better?

So far, no punches. Laco graduated on Monday and was examined, this time by a specialist, Professor Kole in Prague, who recommended a skull, and a check-up in a week. It takes some time and patience, it won’t be available in Pardubice. But we know for sure that the fans will not be angry with us and will come to the stadium to help us against Pardubice. We understand that they are disappointed, but we also hope that the game will support them again. For us, the fans are a real twelfth game and we need to watch them.

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