Happy Podcast: The Greatest Political Resurrections. Stories of betrayal and hope


Patrik Nacher, Martin Pecina, Ivo Vondrák, Petr Vokřál and many others. The Czech political uprising is addressed by the Šťastný podcast composed of Jindřich Šídlo, Konstantin Sulimenko, Tereza Povolná and a special secret guest.

Easter is a holiday of many symbols. One of the most important is the symbol of the resurrection and the return to those who have not stopped believing. And since Czech politics has many similar stories, we decided to look at some of the more or less successful resurrections of Czech politicians who came back after their political death to try again (in the colors of another party) to spread their word in the special holiday Happy Podcast.

One such almost Easter story was experienced by the former mayor of Brno for ANO, Petr Vokřál. He became an advisor to the Přísaha movement in the autumn of last year and the week before last he finally announced his full-fledged return as a candidate for Robert Šlachta’s party for governor of the South Moravian Region.

“I’m looking forward to Petr Vokřál remembering his Song jak Brno and making another version, this time feat. Robert Šlachta. I would play that before going to bed,” muses Konstantin Sulimenko. “Well, I’d let it go once and then I’d be ashamed of it for a long time. But we are clearly calling on new allies to do so.”

Another renegade from the ANO movement, Ivo Vondrák, is also fighting for his chance at a political resurrection. His journey includes an attempt to get back to the post of governor in the Moravian-Silesian region, in the colors of the STAN movement.

“Here I have to admit that Ivo Vondrák is one of my biggest favorites, because to take it through the KSČ to ANO, to serve willingly for years and then suddenly find out that it really does not fit with his code of ethics, that’s called real insight. I’m even more surprised that STAN reached for him,” Jindřich Šídlo shrugs, “but who am I to judge. Prague is far away and God is high, or as they say.”

Another political resurrection

However, there was no shortage of similar stories in Czech politics before. Former members of the ODS who found themselves in the ANO movement ensured their resurrection, for example Patrik Nacher, Richard Brabec or Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová.

Past episodes of the podcast

And then we have those who found their resurrection only at the very end of the political spectrum, whether on the left or the right, from the former social democrat Michal Hašek to the former MEP for Svobodná Petr Mach.

Who will succeed in the resurrection and who will history forget for the second or sixth time? You will hear a lot of stories, memories and evaluations today in the special Happy podcast, which you can play in the player above, on Podcasty.cz or in your favorite podcast application. And we’ll be back next week with the classic Happy Monday podcast and Happy Monday video show.

Happy podcasting

The satirical program Šťastné Monday is published every Monday at eight in the morning on the Seznam Zprávy website.

That evening, you can also listen to the Šťastný podcast, in which we take you behind the scenes of the production of the popular show. In the podcast afterparty, we analyze what didn’t fit into the current episode and serve up a thorough analysis of the political bizarreness on social networks.

Performers include Jindřich Šídlo, screenwriter Konstantin Sulimenko, producer Ondřej Lasák and docent of Instagram Tereza Povolná.

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