Marijuana vs. children’s hit. The hemp king of the Czech origin wants to open an adultery club near Munich, a village with swings

Marijuana vs. children’s hit. The hemp king of the Czech origin wants to open an adultery club near Munich, a village with swings
Marijuana vs. children’s hit. The hemp king of the Czech origin wants to open an adultery club near Munich, a village with swings

Czech native Wenzel Vclav Erven, whom the German media calls the king of cannabis, started selling hemp seeds and seedlings with an intoxicating THC content in his shop in Aschheim, Bavaria, on Monday. In the city, he wants to open a breeding club, which will produce 25 kilograms of hemp meat for women. Due to his open approach to marijuana, erven became a thorn in the side of the local town hall, which revealed that the village in the neighborhood of Munich was turning into a drug den.

“The municipal council expressed its concerns about the fact that a drug store will be created here,” Christian Schrer from the municipality’s leader told ZDF television. At the town hall, which is only a few hundred meters away from the red shop, the municipality has now built a small children’s playground. He wants to prevent the creation of a bully club here. According to the law, which applies from this month, in the end, Red is not allowed to buy, because his club thus got into the protective radius of 200 meters from facilities for children and young people, such as bikes, leisure clubs and hit.

“If it wasn’t sad, the hunter would laugh at it, but it’s a sad thing,” said the red TK. The fact that Aschheim could become Haschheim, in a free hell, a kind of haiov base, as critics fear, is red hot rejected. “Be afraid of it because you don’t know it. It’s a new thing, he has to learn it,” he said about the legalization of cannabis, which began in Germany this Monday.

“You can’t be against just on principle, that’s audacity,” declared Erven, who has been striving for legalization for many years. If his blasphemy club allowed the Bavarian ad didn’t fail, he is ready to fight. “I’ve been here for two and a half years. It will be a big scandal if they don’t let me. I would go to court,” he said.

The German media is paying close attention to the new children’s hit in Aschheim, several reports have been made about it. In this connection, the ZDF station reported on the town hall’s trick. The hit is also discussed on the Internet, where some users compared a place with two swings and a children’s house to an attack with a dog house. “It’s such a hit, just so it doesn’t bite,” says Erven, who agrees with the view of some debaters that it’s a good dog house.

erven, who runs a THC-free hemp products business in Bavaria and who has now started selling seeds and seedlings with this intoxicating substance, is preparing a full plan in case the erven club cannot function. “They took advantage of Americans who grow hemp in containers in the USA. A laboratory can also be set up in them,” he said.

Pepper is available in several variants. When it will finally be possible to grow hemp in Aschheim, but not only be allowed to sell it here, Erven invites to open a dispensary in Munich. It has the option of being used as a delivery container that can be placed anywhere. And if he doesn’t even get permission for a nursery in Aschheim, he wants to build a box in containers.

erven now devotes himself to the study of legalized law, so that he knows exactly what his possibilities are. “I have to work hard so I don’t make a mistake,” he said. He noted that the approved law has fifty pages and is less detailed than previous drafts.

Thanks to the new law, adults in Germany can possess 25 grams of cannabis with impunity, and they can store a total of 50 grams at home. Most plants can grow hemp. From the beginning, adultery clubs will start functioning, which will have a number of lions limited to 500. The clubs will serve as a place for lions to buy meat and 50 grams.

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