A serious truck accident closed the D11 highway near Prague, a helicopter was flown for the injured


A serious accident happened on Tuesday afternoon on the D11 highway near Prague. One person was seriously injured in a collision between two trucks. A helicopter flew for her on the highway, traffic was restricted.

The D11 highway in the direction from Hradec Králové to Prague will be closed or restricted until approximately 3 p.m. On the 3rd kilometer towards the center of Prague on Tuesday afternoon, a truck crashed into another truck in front of it.

The D11 highway will be closed until 3 p.m. after the accident

One person from the crashed truck was injured in the accident, a helicopter was flown to the scene. “The injured person was handed over to the care of the Medical Rescue Service of the City of Prague. The helicopter of the Air Rescue Service is on the scene, we are taking care of the accident,” firemen from HZS Praha informed around half past two in the afternoon.

The causes of the accident are being investigated on the spot by the Police of the Czech Republic, after which the car that hit the front of the other car will have to be towed away, its cabin ended up being completely demolished. The first truck could probably leave the site without a tow.

Restrictions on the D11 motorway are expected until about 3 p.m., but may extend further.

The article is in Czech

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