Popular DJ Peter Hrad, who created electronic music, died unexpectedly

Popular DJ Peter Hrad, who created electronic music, died unexpectedly
Popular DJ Peter Hrad, who created electronic music, died unexpectedly

Fans of the music scene in Slovakia are mourning. The well-known DJ Peter Hrad, who delighted many listeners with his work and diversified the atmosphere of many concerts, died unexpectedly. The musician’s family is devastated by the sudden loss. The website Nový Čas came with the sad news.

The departure of the well-known DJ surprised not only those closest to him, but also his listeners. The musician died at the age of 40, the website Nový Čas recalled.

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The news of the musician’s death was published on Facebook by the page Only in Poprad. “A young native of Poprad and our friend Petrik Hrad died. Honor to your memory, friend,” the post reads.


“Today I’m going to spruce up a well-trodden DnB set (music genre drum and bass, note ed.) in your honor. Enjoy it up there,” one of his close friends said goodbye to the musician. “Thank you to everyone who expressed condolences over the death of my son,” the musician’s mother Alena responded to the many heart-wrenching comments and messages.

“I’m really sorry he went up there so unexpectedly. He was a good guy with a good and big heart. He didn’t even get to say goodbye to anyone. May he rest in peace and become the most beautiful angel,” said his acquaintance Lucia on social networks.

The DJ had a large fan base and was able to diversify the atmosphere of many electronic music concerts with his work. He mainly performed under the nicknames Peter Hrad, Peter Hxyz or Petrík Von Hxyz, wrote the website regióny.sk. His songs mixed well-known electronic genres, such as drum and bass, breakbeat or 2step.

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