The death behind the Netflix hit. A disgraced manager poisoned the billionaire, he had hundreds of poisons

The death behind the Netflix hit. A disgraced manager poisoned the billionaire, he had hundreds of poisons
The death behind the Netflix hit. A disgraced manager poisoned the billionaire, he had hundreds of poisons

Lin had a big full time with the popular female book sri. He was going to build a whole universe of TV shows and other products around it, just like the sci-fi series Star Wars. He founded a subsidiary company called The Three Body Universe named S Jao, but he originally worked as a risk editor at Yoozoo.

The Three Body Universe was in charge of acquiring the first major property for film and series adaptations of the novel. With this, he oversaw an agreement with Netflix on the creation of a series, signed by the screenwriters of the HBO series phenomenon, Games of Thorns. Yoozoo itself tried to conquer the declining gaming market with the first online strategy game based on He o trny.

But Lin eventually removed Sa from his position. According to the people, the Dane was not satisfied with the poor results of his work. He buzzed. And he began to draw up a Belgian plan to shut down his father.

According to the Russians, he built a laboratory on the outskirts of Angha, where he experimented with hundreds of poisons, which he shared on the dark web. He tested them on dogs, cats and cats. The New York Times stated that he was inspired by the series phenomenon Breaking Bad (known as Pernk’s father) about an American chemistry teacher, but he just went on the path of a drug lord.

DJ (vrady) is as bizarre as a Hollywood blockbuster and the technique is professional enough to be called the female version of Breaking Bad, reported the Phoenix News portal.

Between May and December 2020, S began pouring mercury chloride into coffee, whiskey and drinking water and carrying liquids into offices. He planned to kill Lin and gave those people, including my husband, only to replace him in the company.

According to the BBC station, he managed to kill his fa by putting the poison in the probiotic pills. Lin died in the hospital, where he died on Thursday at the age of 39. The other two were tired. The police arrested Sa drive that month.

Details of the crash began to emerge during the trial. Last week, a court in Anghaji said that one Sa was extraordinarily reprehensible and decided to send the murderer to death.

Lin’s death has rocked the gaming and tech community. Known as a billionaire’s lover, he became a celebrity thanks to his rush in the field of mobile phones and his efforts to introduce human cultural products to the world. At the time of his death, his name reached 6.8 billion yen (21 billion crowns).

spn book has an American and a Russian serial

The problem of this body, the first part of the Remembrance of the Earth trilogy, was published (just as it was written) in Czech. The book became a bestseller in 2011, and gained popularity in the USA and other countries. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and former US president Barack Obama are among his fans. Its author, Liu Chen-xin, received the Prestin Hugo Award for the best science fiction book of the year in 2015.

Serilov’s adaptation of the rom-com immediately after its release on Netflix rose to the top of the list of viewers. In the first few days, 11 million people saw it. The media should point out that it is a disappointing Netflix series, such as the adaptation of the manga One Piece or Avatar: The Legend of Aang, which won a large audience, even if it was a cheap production. According to estimates, one part of the Problem t body cost 20 million dollars (almost 500 million crowns), after eight parts the total cost is 160 million dollars (almost three billion crowns).

Although Netflix is ​​not available outside, local viewers managed to access the series with a VPN and a pirated copy. many of them criticized the creators of the series that they corrupted the book, suppressed some human aspects and demonized some female characters. For two, a professional adaptation was created, which was created by the company Yoozoo.

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