I vote for Pellegrini, say “ordinary people” in the election video. They are paid extras


Denník N claims that the director should have chosen the extras together with Pellegrini. In the video, they appear in the roles of a worker in overalls, a saleswoman in a store and a vintner.

The paper revealed that the extras perform in Slovak TV series and that appearing in the spot was mostly ordinary acting work for money. “Alen, who appears as a vintner in the spot, is actually an economist and manager. In the advertisement, Marek stands in overalls in the production hall, even though he actually works as a cook,” said Denník N.

One of the paper’s extras said that no one asked them who they would actually vote for. He said he knew in advance that it would be a political advertisement, but he did not know that it was about Pellegrini. He should have learned what he had to say just before filming. Marek did not rule out that some did it out of conviction, others for income, and others just wanted to make themselves visible.

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When the newspaper contacted the extras, they received a message from the agency that prepared the spot warning them to maintain confidentiality and not communicate with the media. According to Denník N, they received approximately 280 euros (7,100 crowns) for filming. Neither Pellegrini’s spokesperson nor the agency behind the parliamentary speaker’s campaign responded to Denník N’s question about the use of extras in the spot.

When several actors and celebrities supported Pellegrini’s opponent Ivan Korčok in the campaign, the speaker of the parliament responded by declaring that he cares about ordinary people. “I don’t want to be the president of influencers or actors. I want to be the president of the people,” emphasized Pellegrini.

Korčok won the first round of the presidential election in Slovakia with 42.5 percent of the vote, ahead of Pellegrini, who received 37 percent of the vote. The second round will be this Saturday, April 6.

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