Do you have this type of license plate on your car? The police will slap you with a fine of CZK 10,000

Do you have this type of license plate on your car? The police will slap you with a fine of CZK 10,000
Do you have this type of license plate on your car? The police will slap you with a fine of CZK 10,000

License plates on cars can express the opinions of their owners. However, if necessary the classic blue-white number plate is not enough for some drivers and decorate them in their own way, they can get into trouble with the law. For example, if they no longer like the blue stripe with the CZ and European Union markings and change its color mostly to black, as we wrote earlier on Událostech247.

License plate as an expression of opinion

The state license plate is very important on the car. We also wrote about the fact that the police sometimes deal with invalid registration marks of a movement that refuses to belong to the Czech Republic. These people they believe that they are true Slavs, which they say is a nation created by two blue-purple human races from outer space. According to them, the Czech Republic is just a fake corporate company with which they refuse to have anything to do with. Their license plates contain names and family symbols.

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Every car in the Czech Republic must have a registration plate

In general, the number plate has a precisely defined shape and form. If it does not have one, such a car could generally be viewed as a vehicle without a number plate. In that case, it could be a misdemeanor. The driver is extra responsible for making his car’s license plate legible, not only before and after the ride, but also during the ride. In an extreme case, he can be fined even for a registration plate covered in snow or ice, as we pointed out earlier.

How this sticker works

Another offense for which the police can fine drivers is anti-radar stickers, which are designed to make it difficult for the police to read the license plates of cars. The reflective material that the sticker is made of, causes refraction of light, which is common for camera sensors and cameras “invisible”. When lightning strikes, it then turns into one large, white field, explains the website Auto. However, the sticker only fulfills its function if the picture is taken with flash or infrared light.

Modern radars equipped with an IR light source can read the license plate even with this type of sticker. However, if this fraud is discovered by the police, the driver is threatened with administrative proceedings a fine of up to 10,000 crowns and a driving ban for up to 12 months. “I would never have thought of putting this on my car. In addition, I am a professional driver, so if I lost my papers again, it would be really devastating for me. I think it is possible to drive according to the regulations, even if everyone overspeeds sometimes,” Mr. Honza described to Událostem247.

Do you pay attention to the legibility of the license plate before each drive? Let us know in the comments

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