The domestic used car market is growing. There are already over 120,000 vehicles on offer, their average price has fallen


In recent months, the Czech used car market has seen a significant recovery. This is confirmed by a new analysis by the AAA AUTO company, according to which a total of 121,209 used cars were offered by various companies at the end of March. At the same time, this is by far the most in the last five years, compared to the previous month, it is an increase of 10.6 percent.

“Our car centers in the AAA AUTO and Mototechna network are also reporting record sales for the third month in a row. It can be said that we are experiencing the most successful year in terms of sales in the thirty-two-year history of our company. In short, after years of pandemic and post-pandemic fasting, people want to buy a more modern car,” says Petr Vaněček, co-CEO of AURES Holdings, the operator of AAA AUTO and Mototechna.

It also follows from the new data that the previous continuous growth of the offer prices has stopped. Although they are five percent higher year-on-year, compared to February they fell by 2.3 percent for the first time in a long time. The median price of a used car in the Czech Republic is currently 215,000 crowns.

As for the specific categories of cars, station wagons are most often on offer, with a market share of 26 percent. They are closely followed by SUVs with a share of 25.6 percent, in third place are classic hatchbacks with 19 percent, and family MPVs currently hold a share of 12.5 percent. “This confirms that the Czechs still remain a nation of station wagons, because they prioritize practicality in the first place,” adds Vaněček.

AAA AUTO’s analysis also showed that electric cars have been significantly cheaper recently. While a year ago the median price of the Škoda Enyaq was 1.56 million crowns, this March it was 1.1 million crowns. A typical Tesla Model 3 was sold for a million crowns last year, while in March it cost “only” 750 thousand crowns.

“Recently, interest in electric cars has been growing, especially in the countryside around large cities, from where people commute to work. They install photovoltaics on houses, thus charging cars significantly cheaper than in commercial charging stations. This trend will continue to strengthen in the future,” concludes Vaněček.

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