12:00 p.m. – Europe slightly on the plus side, BCPP on the other hand slightly down, Eurodollar uncertain, oil holding above USD 89, gold weakening slightly

European stock markets rose slightly during the morning. The positive effect is due to the continuing process of falling inflation in the eurozone countries. Inflation in March fell to 2.4% between years, when the market expected only stagnation at Norway’s 2.6%.

Eurodollar uncertain in the morning.

The koruna is strengthening slightly against the euro and the dollar.


Meanwhile, oil is holding above USD 89 per barrel of Brent. The oil market has avoided how the conflict in Gaza will develop.

Gold slightly corrects previous strong growth.


BCPP slightly weakens in the morning. Against the income of EZ, the state of stores is adjusted in the banking sector.

Prague Stock Exchange

Online 12:06:30

Don’t call Course Change Volume Faith
COLT(CZG) 616.00 0.33% 1.13 million 614.00
EZ 837.00 0.42% 35.49 million 833.50
ERSTE 1051.00 -0.52% 23.78 million 1056.50
GEN(NORTON) 505.00 -2.88% 2.79 million 520.00
GEVORKYAN 256.00 0.79% 0.06 million 254.00
KB 847.00 -0.47% 50.93 million 851.00
KOFOLA 270.00 -0.37% 0.30 million 271.00
COIN 101.60 -0.39% 5.98 million 102.00
PHOTON 45.45 -1.20% 0.11 million 46.00
PILL 211.00 4.46% 0.02 million 202.00
P.M 15740.00 -0.38% 4.51 million 15800.00
PRIMOCO 890.00 0.56% 0.21 million 885.00
VIG 738.00 0.27% 0.09 million 736.00
Subject: Stock Exchange 125.40 million

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Vladimr Urbnek

In the field” for more than 20 years. After several years of experience from trading with valuable peppers, Vladimr Urbnek for the past 15 years, he has been devoting himself to reporting from domestic and foreign capital markets.

He considers the age to be the result of experience and ability compared to the time before the last major crisis in 2008-9.

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