Flora tragedy: the tram driver was charged by the police for the death of a passenger


Olomouc criminal investigators have completed the investigation of a tragic accident, when an eighty-six-year-old passenger lost her life under the wheels of a tram near the Flora exhibition center in mid-September last year.

Tragic accident in Wolkerova Street in Olomouc. A pedestrian was hit by a tram. 14/09/2023

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The police have now charged the thirty-seven-year-old tram driver with manslaughter. He also faces several years in prison.

The management of the transport company (DPMO) continued to express its support to the driver, saying that it did not detect any wrongdoing on his part in relation to this accident, due to the set rules and procedures.

The tragic accident happened on September 14 last year after 2 p.m. at the Výstaviště Flora stop in the direction of travel towards Brněnská street. According to the conclusion of the police investigation, the eighty-six-year-old woman did not have time to get out of the second car of the tram set.

“As a result, the upper half of her body was caught by the closing door, but it did not close. As a result of the contact with the closing door, the senior woman’s stability was ‘thrown’. She did not step on the elevated stop, but fell under the moving tram. The woman succumbed to her injuries on the spot,” police spokeswoman Ivana Skoupilová described the circumstances of the accident.

Olomouc criminal investigators have now launched a criminal prosecution against the thirty-seven-year-old man who was driving the tram on the mentioned day. They accused him of committing the crime of manslaughter.

“The criminal prosecution of the accused is taking place at large. If found guilty and convicted, he faces a prison sentence of up to six years,” added the police spokeswoman.

Tragic accident in Wolkerova Street in Olomouc. A pedestrian was hit by a tram. 14/09/2023

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DPMO: He has our support

In response to the police statement, the management of the DPMO stated that the current conclusion of the criminal investigation of how the accident occurred is more in line with the DPMO’s own internal investigation.

However, according to the findings of the transport company, the driver did not violate the set rules while driving and continued to express his support.

“We are very sorry for the tragic accident, but no misconduct on the part of the driver was detected due to the set safety rules and procedures, therefore the driver has our full support in the ongoing proceedings in the matter,” the transport company responded on Wednesday to the conclusions of the police.

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