Google Pixel 8a in the most striking colors caught on video!

  • Google Pixel 8a will probably be introduced soon, probably in early May
  • In theory, he could officially arrive in the Czech Republic as well
  • Now the phone has been leaked in a video that captures two distinctive color variants

Google is expected to release early next month a new mid-range smartphone. While we still hope that the final price has not been leaked yet – all the amounts that have been tossed around so far would indicate an unpleasant increase in price – how will Pixel 8a to look like, it’s pretty clear already. In addition, an interesting video is now circulating on the Internet.

Google usually misses everything it theoretically can. But now the Pixel 8a is not only shown in press materials, but was captured live in video from a Moroccan electronics retailer who posted it on his Instagram profile as if it wasn’t bad enough. The original “story” is no longer available, but thanks to savvy social media users such as well-known leaker @MysteryLupin, we can still have a look at it now.

The Google Pixel 8a appears in the shots in two different color versions, and these are the more extravagant ones – mint green and a distinct dark shade of blue. According to the seller, the phone is equipped with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.

It is speculated that the Pixel 8a could finally make an official visit to the Czech Republic, which would probably start a new era of Google in the country. That is, if the price is set reasonably. Alleged 708.99 Canadian dollars (over 12 thousand crowns in conversion) for the basic variant because it doesn’t sound too good.

Which version of the Google Pixel 8a do you like the most?


The article is in Czech

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