In the last qualification at 132. It will be a great battle of talents in Pardubice

Talent put everyone under the saddle again and dominated the second qualification

On the other hand, experience suggests that the favorite of the last qualification should be Talent. The protégé of Hana Kabelková is not only the winner of the last Velká Pardubice, but also has three winning qualifications to his credit. In addition, his last success is from June, so he is in form this year as well. This time, the jockey Pavel Složil will not be missing in Talent’s saddle.

However, let’s introduce other participants in the race.

Bach for the fourth jump

Lombargini (pronounced Odložil) enters the last qualification with a clear goal, who needs to qualify for the main race. He entered the season only in the third meeting, where he finished on the fourth jump.

The qualification conditions have not been met by Stanislav Popelka’s Imphal (born Myška), who placed in two qualifications last year, but started in shorter races this year.

Third time lucky. Player dominated in the end and won

Josef Váňa is also preparing a pair of horses for the race. Both Aeneas (br. Kratochvíl) and Dusigrosz (br. Velek) completed the third qualification, but they lost significantly to the best.

Czech clients will also have foreign competition.

In the last race before Velka Pardubická, Star (br. Matuský) will be presented. Kaiserwalzer (by Mullins) will also be present. Both have already met the conditions from the May meeting, but they do not want to underestimate the preparation, so they participate in the race. The last competitors are Laverno (br. Novák) and Godfrey (br. Claudic), who placed in the lower categories this year. They can only surprise in the last qualifying race of the season.

Other races will also be fun!

In any case, tomorrow’s program is far from being only about qualification, when a trio of double cross-country races will also be run, which can be described as trials for the framework races of Velká Pardubická. The first of them will be the prize for the newspaper Právo (4500 m). It copies the course of the Vltava Prize, which the hitherto undefeated Gatsby (br. Faltejsek) can aim for in Pardubice. Only five-year-old Pavel Tůma will be challenged by a pair of twelve-year-old veterans, for him the goal is Velká Pardubická itself. After all, Theophilos (née Složil) and Stretton (née Myška) even occupied the first two places in it three years ago.

The Catering Melodie prize (3300 m) is primarily intended for short cross-country specialists, but the winner of Velká Pardubická will also be at its start. Specifically, in 2017, the successful No Time To Lose (br. Velek), who completed this race in the previous two years as well. The result from last year, when he won, proves that he doesn’t just have to adjust his form on Saturday. This time, the first two from the June cross country Válečník, namely Mediciman (br. Matuský) and Lianel (br. Myška), will face him.

Del Rey and Jakub Kocman won the 1st qualification for the 132nd Great Pardubice with Slavia pojišťovna at the Pardubice racecourse.

PICTURE: Benjamínek of the Del Rey race surpassed the favorite Theophilos by a nose

While in previous races trainer Josef Váňa is betting on the experienced Theophilus and No Time To Lose, he is sending only six-year-old Chelmsford (br. Kratochvíl) to the Cena Arnošta z Pardubice – supported by Dopravní podnik město Pardubice, as (5200 m). He won the ČASCH Prize and the Vltava Prize at the last two meetings in Velká Pardubická. This year, although he left defeated in both starts, he first lost only to the above-mentioned Night Moon, and the last time the distance was too short for him. This time, however, for the first time, a race longer than five kilometers will be held. His biggest rival can be his training colleague Forever Dry (br. Velek).

(Kateřina Anna Nohavová)

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