Pope to the Ecumenical Council of Churches: Unity is hope for the world

Pope to the Ecumenical Council of Churches: Unity is hope for the world
Pope to the Ecumenical Council of Churches: Unity is hope for the world

Encouragement to grow in brotherhood in the name of Christ, to be credible as a church “on the way” and to please the world in times of division and wars. This was the core of Francis’ message at the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, held in Karlsruhe, Germany until September 8.

Gabriella Ceraso – Vatican City

The Pope’s message in Spanish, read by Cardinal Kurt Koch, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Advancement of Christian Unity, greets the participants of the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches focused primarily on the care of creation. These are representatives of Christian communities who have gathered in Karlsruhe for a meeting, from which Francis promises that in the pastoral field “it will deepen and strengthen the bonds of community between the present churches and ecumenical organizations”.

The Pope emphasized that in a world plagued by injustice, conflict and division even among Christians, the theme of the meeting “Christ’s love drives the world to reconciliation and unity” is an urgent call addressed to all Christians to strive together for greater “closeness and unity” “between churches, religions, cultures, peoples, nations and the entire human family and promote reconciliation throughout the world”.

Faithful to Christ, not to worldliness

“Let’s do it moved by the Gospel,” asks Francis, “He is our reconciliation.” Our task as Christians is to bring about this reconciliation through the visible instrument of unity which is the Church. “We will only be convincing if we are faithful to the Lord,” he adds, “not if we adapt the Gospel message to a worldly way of thinking. The Christian community does not grow by proselytism, but only by attraction,” he emphasizes.

Ecumenism and Mission

However, in order to proclaim reconciliation, we must be reconciled among ourselves, which is already reflected in this gathering. Therefore, in his message addressed to the participants, the Pope asks for even greater efforts and more intensive cooperation in order to achieve a “fuller and more visible community”: the Church’s mission will be credible precisely depending on the reconciliation of Christians. Ecumenism and mission belong together and intertwine.

More community for the credibility of the proclamation of the Gospel and more unity for the hope and consolation of humanity: Francis’ final prayer is an invocation of the power and light of the Holy Spirit so that the assembly may bring the world closer to reconciliation and unity.

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