What was once the norm is now passed off as an aberration. What was once deviant, and even punishable for it, is now the norm

What was once the norm is now passed off as an aberration. What was once deviant, and even punishable for it, is now the norm
What was once the norm is now passed off as an aberration. What was once deviant, and even punishable for it, is now the norm

A different kind of nonsensical case is taking place near our borders. In Germany, several crazed activists decided to point out the fact that the stories of the Apache chief Vinnetou are actually racist and show the Indians as an oppressed minority. The biggest aggressor is, of course, a white man. And so in Germany, incriminated books are withdrawn from bookstores Vinnetou and his white brother By Old Shatterhand, while the publishing house apologizes for its books as best it can. The battle of opinion is also taking place between German television stations, where one declares that they will never show Vinnetou again, while another television station has no stories Karl May problem and will broadcast them further. In connection with this “case”, the question creeps into the mind, what is correctness and what is already a ban on freedom of speech.

The first two episodes of the new series Rod draka then caused a stormy discussion on social networks. Forget the story itself. Just know that it takes place several hundred years before the Game of Thrones saga. So what enraged the guardians of our morality and the modern censors?

In the very first part, a very naturalistic and bloody birth takes place, the main character of which is the queen, and at the same time the king’s dilemma, whether to save the mother or the newborn son. Both simply won’t survive the birth. (And not a single one survived.) It must be added that the creators did not play too hard with the visual and textual components and served the viewer a harsh reality in just a few minutes. Weaker personalities, along with the moralists, certainly collapsed at these shots with terror in their eyes, but this did not prevent them from starting a fiery discussion on social networks, whether it is necessary to present the story to the audience in such a descriptive and harsh manner. The hard core of freethinkers then sarcastically advised these censors to look (if they had the courage) at such images Caligula – 1979 (dir. Tinto Brass), Serbian Film – 2010 (dir. Srdjan Spasojevič) or, thirdly, Saló or 120 days of Sodom – 1975 (dir. Pierre Paolo Pasoliny). Very quickly, they will surely find out that the Rod Draka series is a harmless fairy tale, and from now on they will direct their thoughts, as an example, to the criticism of the queen bee, who criminally uses the worker bees on the one hand and the poor drones on the other.

The second part was not left untouched by criticism either series Dragonbornand at the moment when the old king (a widower) is forced to remarry and try to produce an heir to the throne. The problem is that his possible wife-to-be is only twelve years old! In the end, the king rejects her (not because of age) and decides on a slightly older bride, but only fifteen years old. From the point of view of the anteaters, however, it is like mud into a puddle. Even though the series Rod draka is pure fantasy, not copying any real historical period, the creators willy-nilly start from true historical data, when in the recent past legal marriages were concluded between (from today’s point of view) underage girls and adult men. In the end, let’s stay in the Czech Republic. The then twenty-nine-year-old Czech King Wenceslas II has happy memories of the year 1300. married the twelve-year-old Elžběta Polska, also known as Eliška Rejčka. The later lover of the famous Jindřich of Lipé.

In short, what was common once is today passed off as deviant, and what was once deviant, and even executed for it, is today the norm. What will happen tomorrow is in the stars. I just hope that common sense (Czech) will prevail.

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