The post office makes SIPO more expensive. Even for those who pay by direct debit

The post office makes SIPO more expensive. Even for those who pay by direct debit
The post office makes SIPO more expensive. Even for those who pay by direct debit

From the beginning of October, the state enterprise Česká pošta will also charge a fee for the SIPO service for people who pay cashless by direct debit from a bank account.

For automatically deducting the given amount from the account on the specified day and then sending an e-mail about it to the client, the post office will start collecting a fee of five crowns.

At the same time, post office workers recommended the payment of SIPO by direct debit to people as a free alternative, when the company increased the price of other forms from February this year: SIPO payment with the postman will cost 29 crowns from February (three crowns more than before), payment at the counter has become more expensive by four crowns for 25 crowns (using the Customer Card for 19 crowns).

Since February, the SIPO payment entered by a one-time bank payment order has also become more expensive: the fee charged by the post office has risen by five crowns to 15 crowns.

Since March, SIPO has also become more expensive for payees. The basic price per item rose by one crown to CZK 4.10. At the same time, the Post Office canceled volume discounts.

SIPO is an abbreviation for Centralized Collection of Payments of the Population, which has been in operation since the 1960s. By the end of this year, 3.2 million people were using it, said Matyáš Vitík, a spokesman for the post office, to the website Pení The spokesperson did not specify how many of them have already set up automatic direct debit from their bank account and how many still use more expensive payment methods.

The service allows you to send money to several recipients at once. The post office will then send the money to the recipients with whom the client has agreed on this method of payment. SIPO is most often used to pay rent, electricity, gas, radio and television fees. Before the expansion of internet banking, SIPO was the easiest way for Czechs to pay by direct debit, it is more familiar to the older generation.

We are investigating the Czech Post’s statement on the October price increase.

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