Handmade designer engagement rings or just want the best

What metals do designers use?

It’s no coincidence that gold it figures in fairy tales, in proverbs and in established associations as an expression of the highest quality, nor that the winners of races receive a gold medal. Yes, salt is better than gold, but when it comes to making real jewelry, it is definitely not comparable. But seriously now. Why is gold so popular among designers and customers?

Among the main reasons is his endurance. 14- and 18-carat gold is relatively hard. Even with daily wear, gold jewelry can easily maintain its beauty for decades with minimal care. The seemingly obvious reason is natural beauty of gold. Its glitter and shine have enchanted mankind for thousands of years. Gold also offers different options: you can choose according to purity and especially according to colors. In addition to classic yellow gold, engagement rings are most often found in white and rose gold.


And although this is probably not the main argument when choosing an engagement ring, it is worth mentioning that gold is also very good, durable investment. Even if the jewelry is damaged, the metal will retain its value.

Apart from gold, it is used most often in the production of engagement rings platinum and silver. Platinum has an interesting color, is very resistant and tough. However, it is more difficult to adjust, so for more complex rings it can be a problem, for example, to have the size changed. Its big advantage is minimal risk of allergic reaction. The main thing that speaks for silver is its low price, but in the case of an engagement ring, this advantage clearly outweighs the negatives (for example, blackening and susceptibility to scratches).

Traditional diamonds and original colored gemstones

An engagement ring is traditionally always set with at least one precious stone. The most typical is diamond engagement ring. As for the design, there are two popular options: the so-called solitairei.e. a simpler ring with one brilliant or round-cut diamond; or ring with multiple diamonds, usually with one larger central one (most often again in a round cut, or in a princess, marquise or even teardrop cut) and several smaller ones. In this case, special attention deserves the so-called HALO designwhere the large central stone is surrounded by small clear diamonds.

In recent decades, you will also increasingly come across engagement rings that are not decorated with a diamond, but colorful gem. Maybe you’ll remember sapphire engagement ring Lady Diana and Duchess Kate. Another popular choice is pink morganiteclear blue aquamarine and original green emerald. Colored gems stand out perfectly in the already mentioned HALO design in the company of sparkling brilliants.


Get inspired by bestsellers

To sum it up, it’s actually not that complicated. An almost obvious choice for an engagement is a gold ring with a diamond. And then there is the main question quality and precision processing. It is worth choosing a handmade ring that comes with a certificate of authenticity. The advantage is also the possibility of the first size adjustment for free.

If you are still not sure which ring to choose, you can find inspiration in choosing those most popular and best-selling. In this way, you will get an idea of ​​what is worn, what others like and what dozens of customers before you have already been satisfied with. You will find absolute in the selection timeless classics, current trendy rings and original designs for those who want something unique.


Think about future use as well

One more factor may come into play. If the bride-to-be wants to wear after the wedding engagement and wedding rings together on one finger, you need to think about it in advance. And it is all the more true here that it is worth choosing high-quality handwork. There are also special sets compiled by experts just for this purpose. In this case, the woman will often prefer a joint choice. You can also follow the golden middle path: engagement as a surprise and then looking for rings together.

An engagement ring is an exceptional piece of jewelry, the purchase of which should not be underestimated. Quality materials and workmanship it costs something, but with designer jewelry, you can be sure that both will be at the highest level, and the engagement ring will make the woman happy long after the wedding.


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