A former Pentagon official is skeptical of competing with China as things stand

A former Pentagon official is skeptical of competing with China as things stand
A former Pentagon official is skeptical of competing with China as things stand

One former Pentagon official believes that waste, mismanagement and a general reluctance to embrace new ways of working are the obstacles in the United States military that prevent it from matching China in several critical and new technological areas.

He was Aviation’s chief representative for software for several years. In an interview with our sister NTD TV, he warned of the real possibility that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military will surpass the United States in the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning and hypersonic weapons technologies.

“[Existuje] a lot of nuclear powers and egos that kind of dampen the urgency or at least often don’t admit that China is already leading in some of the areas that will determine who wins the next battle,” Chaillan said.

He also said that the rapid pace at which the Chinese Communist Party is acquiring advanced technology, both through partnerships with American companies and outright theft, is a major reason for national security concerns.

Even more important, according to him, is that he perceives that the Pentagon lacks the effort to fight this threat.

“You can see the sense of satisfaction in the building,” Chaillan said. “We hear the leadership talking and talking, but no longer walking the walk.”

Chaillan resigned as the Air Force’s top software officer last year over the Pentagon’s lack of action against China and other issues.

He said the Department of Defense is failing to embrace the key practices that drive most modern technology companies and innovations. And also that it wastes a huge amount of resources.

“All of those key principles that you see in the commercial realm of being able to innovate and be able to do things are not yet embraced in the Department of Defense,” Chaillan continued.

“You see a huge waste of taxpayers’ money. Although we spend $800 billion a year in the Department of taxpayers’ money, in reality about 90 percent of it is wasted.”

Chaillan is not the first to believe that this is the case.

General John Hyten, then Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in October 2021 that the bureaucracy at the Department of Defense was “brutal” and that a culture of risk-aversion among the military leadership was stifling technological development and allowing the CCP to gain the upper hand in critical sectors, including hypersonic weapons.

“The pace at which [Čína] is moving, and the trajectory it’s on is going to overtake Russia and the United States unless we do something to change that,” Hyten said. “It will happen.”

“We can go fast if we want to. But the bureaucracy we’ve put in place is just brutal.”

Chaillan fears that the United States is reaching a point of no return in its competition with China.

He described Pentagon leaders as “complacent and clueless.” He said that relations between the military and civilian contractors in the United States are weak, and that activism in technology companies is leading to American firms not working on military projects for the Pentagon while still implementing projects for the Chinese Communist Party.

“I’ve always found it funny how companies don’t want to do business with the Department of Defense, yet many employees pay little attention to what’s going on in China with those same companies,” Chaillan said.

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