Taiwan and the Czechia signed memoranda on cooperation in education, science and culture

Taiwan and the Czechia signed memoranda on cooperation in education, science and culture
Taiwan and the Czechia signed memoranda on cooperation in education, science and culture

Taipei – Taiwan and the Czech Republic signed memorandums of cooperation in the field of education, science and culture. According to the Radio Taiwan International server, the signing ceremony was held today at the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry building. A delegation of Czech senators and representatives of ministries is currently in Taiwan, led by the chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Jiří Drahoš.

According to Radio Taiwan International, the documents were signed by Drahoš on behalf of the Czech side, and Alexander Jüej, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of Taiwan. According to him, the agreements will make it possible to deepen cooperation between the two countries and will become milestones in bilateral relations. The memoranda will raise Taiwan-Czech ties to a new level, the deputy said.

The visit of the Czech delegation was also covered by the Taiwan News portal. He reported on Drahoš’s meeting with President Chai Jing-wen and the Czech senator’s call to introduce direct flights between Taipei and Prague. According to Taiwan News, Drahoš said that if direct flights are introduced, more Taiwanese tourists can visit the Czechia. Before the covid-19 epidemic, 200,000 Taiwanese traveled to the Czech Republic annually.

Drahoš also thanked the fact that Taiwan is helping the Czech Republic with the establishment of a development center for semiconductor research. During the visit of the Czech delegation, an agreement was also signed between the national museums of the two countries, which thus became sister institutions.

The Czechs’ journey to Taiwan was monitored by China, which considers Taiwan one of its provinces and threatens it with military intervention if it declares independence. Its Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang said Thursday that China opposes “any form of official contact” between Taiwan and countries that maintain diplomatic relations with China. He also called on Czech politicians to adhere to the principle of one China.

Taiwan has been de facto independent since 1949, has its own government and a democratic establishment. The Czechia adheres to the policy of the majority of the world, i.e. the policy of one China and officially recognizes only mainland China. The Chinese embassy described the current trip of the Czech delegation as undermining the political foundations of Czech-Chinese cooperation.

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