Explosion in Russia: an explosion rocked a cafe in Voronezh


An explosion rang out in one of the cafes in Voronezh, western Russia, the TASS news agency reported, citing investigators. According to her, the explosion damaged the window panes, but did not cause any injuries. Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior consider a “conflict of business interests” to be the cause of the incident, but did not provide details in this regard.

The explosion took place in the cafe “Chaichana Vostochny” on Lenin Street, where the windows were broken, Nexta agency reported. Investigators are on the scene. According to the experts’ preliminary conclusion, an explosive device exploded in the cafe, Nexta wrote.

More than a week ago, Russia became the target of a large-scale terrorist attack that claimed the lives of at least 144 people and injured around 500 others in a concert hall near Moscow. Russia suggests a connection to this massacre with Ukraine, which denies it.

Moscow has been waging a war in Ukraine for more than two years, and explosions and fires caused by drone or other attacks are nothing unusual in the western part of Russia. They mostly affect industrial and strategic objects.

We are preparing the details.

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