Fiala: Ukraine will receive ammunition already in June


“Without going into any details, we are able, as a result of this initiative, to deliver ammunition to Ukraine already in June and then gradually until the end of the year, in order to fulfill the expected deliveries in the amount of hundreds of thousands of pieces,” Fiala told reporters.

The Prime Minister stated already at the end of March that he had already managed to raise money for the purchase of the first delivery of 300,000 artillery shells for Ukraine. In the meantime, Germany, for example, has joined the ammunition initiative – according to Reuters, it will contribute 576 million euros (14.6 billion CZK) for the purchase of 180,000 pieces of artillery ammunition.

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According to the original plan presented by President Petr Pavel at the Munich Security Conference, the Czech Republic managed to find up to 800,000 pieces of artillery ammunition around the world. “We identified half a million pieces of 155-millimeter ammunition and three hundred thousand pieces of 122-millimeter ammunition,” Pavel said at the conference.

However, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský (Pirates) stated that the Czech Republic can secure far more ammunition than it originally intended.

“We can do much more than the initially announced number (of artillery shells),” Lipavský told Bloomberg. He mentioned 1.5 million as a possible number of artillery shells delivered in the future.

In addition to Germany, around twenty countries have joined the purchase so far, from Canada to Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to Poland.

The Czech Republic is hardening. Ukraine wants to get 1.5 million artillery shells


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