Zombie drug fentanyl kills in Poland


This most powerful narcotic drug in the world was originally used as a pain reliever, intended mainly for extremely suffering incurable cancer patients.

“Combined with other drugs and alcohol, fentanyl first flooded and killed in the USA, but now it is also a big problem in Poland, where it mainly kills young people,” pointed out leading Polish toxicologist Eryk Matuskiewicz on TVP.

Everyone knows, no one reacts

Extremely strong fentanyl mixed with other dangerous substances is extremely addictive. The user usually overdoses quickly, falls into a deep sleep, stops breathing, and then dies.

“Everybody knows about this problem that happens in every small town, including the police. But no one reacts, no one does anything,” one of the residents of the small village of Žuromie near Warsaw, where five young people have died of overdoses since the beginning of this year, confided to abczdrowie.pl reporters.

The deadly drug fentanyl has already chosen its victims in the Czech Republic


“This unprecedented problem is clearly out of control in Poland. It requires a quick and effective response, mainly the tightening of measures that could significantly limit the illegal distribution of this murderous substance,” sounds the alarm Andrzej Fal, head of the Polish Public Health Association. However, so far ineffective.

Overdose is not common in the Czech Republic

The rising trend in the abuse of fentanyl is also identified as a risk by the Czech authorities, which focus on monitoring the drug scene, and the police. But the fact is that users rarely become victims of overdose in the Czech Republic.

The statistics do not contain exact numbers regarding fentanyl and include it in the category of psychoactive drugs, for example, codeine, hydromorphone and others, when approximately 40 people die in the Czech Republic after an overdose.

Last year, for example, the news reported on the death of a 43-year-old woman in Bruntál and a 36-year-old woman from Zlínsk, who were fatally affected by a fentanyl patch. In both cases, this substance was misused as a drug.

In Pilsen, they recently resurrected a drug addict on the street, who collapsed just after consuming a “zombie” drug.

A man collapsed in Pilsen, apparently taking a “zombie drug”

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