Zuzana Plakov gave birth to a son, Dion

Zuzana Plakov gave birth to a son, Dion
Zuzana Plakov gave birth to a son, Dion

We are all born together, wrote Zuzana Strausz Plakov to the video on Instagram, adding a link to her son’s profile. They named their first child with their partner Dion.

The influencer and former playmate announced thotenstv in the hole. She and her husband Ren Strausz have been trying for a child for a long time. Last year, during the anti-drug campaign, the police stopped the event. It was then that Plakov found out that she was pregnant.

We have been trying for a baby for a really long time. People, what we know, about that v. Nm, the baby passed away in the worst life situation that you all know, just the day before. When I took the test, I didn’t even know it had happened. We tried for a long time and it didn’t work, finally we got a chance to go on vacation in Mexico, said Plakov.

The influencer strictly rejected unpublished advice from mothers and offers for cooperation, which the company immediately started sending her. As for herself, both she and her husband have been working all their lives, and she wants to buy things for her child herself. Back then, she invited everyone to buy her products, so she could earn money to buy something for the baby.

Zuzana Strausz Plakov, sometimes known as the queen of Slovak Instagram, died last year together with her partner Ren Strausz in the hands of the police. They were accused of drug offenses and membership in criminal groups. My clients deny all the accusations, consider it a mistake, Martin Pohovej, the defense attorney for Plakov and Strausze, told the newspaper at the time.

On May 16, 2022, the Prosecutor General of the Slovak Republic, represented by the First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Slovak Republic Jozef Kander, accepted the proposal of the accused ZSP and RS and annulled the resolution on the indictment for drug criminal activity and others, and this was due to the fact that they were not fulfilled, he stated this year Dalibor Skladan, General Prosecutor’s Office, speaks.

Plakov became visible ten years ago in the reality show Hotel Paradise, where she was known for her peppery vocabulary. She didn’t even hide the fact that she filmed soft porn when she was young. She started being very active on social networks five years ago. It presents itself mainly in luxury and does not hide its sculptures. In the past, she had her breasts reddened, and in Ukraine she underwent breast augmentation procedures.

Renho Strausze married Plakov in 2015. According to Markza TV, not much is known about him. His wife said years ago that the dog used to call taxis on weekends. Now he embarked on a musical career. I have several songs on YouTube. Thanks to the support of his wife, he is also active on social media, posting various skits and funny videos on TikTok.

Influencer for a long time mainly through collaborations on Instagram. In 2021, she claims that she will collect around 125,000 crowns in cash for one post on her profile.

In 2020, I spent about a million euros on products and Instagram. So please forgive the embarrassing conspiracy. I’m sorry that I allowed myself to spend so much time, that I didn’t sit at home and shit, but I worked and I didn’t wait for pigeons to fall from the sky, said Strausz Plakov on Instagram, who wears my clothes and her own collection.

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