Female students in the USA return to university after LT. Nov without the possibility of abortion

Female students in the USA return to university after LT. Nov without the possibility of abortion
Female students in the USA return to university after LT. Nov without the possibility of abortion

Eighteen-year-old student Emily Korenmanov, who is from Dallas and decided to study business at Indiana University, was frustrated when she learned about the restrictions on abortion. It hasn’t changed her outlook on studying at university, but she’s not sure what she would have done if she got pregnant during high school.

Personally, I don’t know if I would have had an abortion myself. But I respect everyone’s opinion. Everyone should first decide on their body, Korenmanov told the AP agency.

Abortion was banned by the state of Ohio. Brian Roseboro, a 21-year-old student at the state university there, said he would be careful about contraception this year because of the medications he was taking. “I don’t know much about that,” Roseboro said.

Nikki Mikovov was initially nervous about the limited options for abortion. But when she returned to university after the summer break, she said that she was more focused on studying, studying and meeting bees.

The issue also concerns students who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. Twenty-year-old student Jamie Miller took part in several protests over the years, at one of which he even gave a speech about how the support for abortion first comes with the defense of bodily autonomy for transgender people, among whom I may be.

Miller said that because of the new legislation, he and his partner decided to avoid sexual activity that would lead to pregnancy. After many years of using testosterone, pregnancy would not be healthy for him or the child, she said. It would be pretty disastrous in every aspect of my life, Miller said.

Ohio University said that the decision to ban abortion will not affect the health services provided to me and will not affect the sexual assault report.

Abortion is prohibited in Ohio and several other US states from the first detectable fetal heartbeat. This happens to me during the first week of pregnancy, which in many cases is two, not two to find out that they are pregnant.

Support of thotnch female students

An activist in the states of Indiana or Ohio fulfills, in the present time, when abortion in the second case is not considered, to promote the support of pregnant students.

Students for Life of America want to collaborate with similar organizations that support people who have been sexually assaulted and that collect the necessary equipment for mothers in need. Supporters of abortion first, so fulfill the education on campus.

Giana Formicaov, a sophomore at Cleveland State University, said that through the nonprofit organization, she obtained hundreds of condoms to distribute to her school group. So she bought contraception in case one of their spouses needed it.

I belong to the queer group of people and in this phase of my life I am the most likely to get pregnant. “I’m doing it for others because it’s not something I need at this time,” Formica told the AP.

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