PODCAST: Poland is building the strongest army in the European Union

The first acquisitions are made in a small Polish farm. If the Poles have canceled the ambitious Gawron program, they have a full order for two powerful British Type 31 frigates and have chosen a supplier of diesel-electric submarines under the Orka project. The Poles are aware that ammunition will be part of their deterrent potential, so the new submarines should carry missiles with a flat flight path, preferably of the Tomahawk type, states Visingr.

The Polish Air Force is preparing for big changes. 32 American F-35 stealth aircraft and 48 South Korean F/A-50 will be added to the aircraft operated by it. Luk Visingr added to them: This aircraft will be thrown into a fight with an adversary that does not have the best capacities, and thus an additional type of F-35 is suitable, which will be thrown into a conflict with the adversary at a high level, the so-called Contested aerospace.

South Korean FA-50 aircraft

However, don’t avoid purchases from the Polish ground forces either. The contract for the printing of the K2 tank was concluded with Jin Korea, and another 366 M1 Abrams tanks were delivered to the United States. Poland and Germany agreed that they would receive compensation in the form of Leopard 2 tanks for the T-72 and PT-91 tanks delivered to Ukraine. So far, however, they have not received anything, and this probably leads them to consider that this type is a dead end for them , values ​​in Technet podcast military analyst Luk Visingr.

Rozstel’s guest is Luk Visingr, a military and security analyst. (June 24, 2020)

The Poles have decided to operate two tank platforms, one of which is the American Abrams and the other is the South Korean K2 Black Panther, the Visingr.

Ji Vojek and Luk Visingr discussed these and a number of other topics related to the external strengthening of the Polish Army in the new edition of the Technet podcast.

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