Even the police already accept a citizen on a mobile phone


“The police did this before the law required them to do so, for which we thank them very much,” said Martin Mesršmíd, director of the Digital and Information Agency, which is in charge of eDocuments.

According to the law, police officers are supposed to accept eDocuments from July, but they had previously announced that they would be ready for this in April. All patrols are equipped with smartphones with the application needed for verification. Police spokesman Ondřej Moravčík also confirmed the acceptance of the electronic ID since April, according to which it works without problems.

Faster digitization? It is held back by unmotivated officials, says the DIA director


But don’t throw away the plastic card, it might come in handy. For example, in the case of a minor accident, for which there is no need to call the police, but it is necessary to fill out an accident report for the insurance company. Even here, however, a document at least taken with a mobile phone will suffice.

Also, the July deadline still applies at police offices for the recognition of eDocuments.

Citizen portal as an application

The Digital and Information Agency also plans to launch a mobile version of the Citizen’s Portal in the middle of this month. It will offer hundreds of services and notifications about changes directly to the mobile phone.

The citizen’s portal covers the state’s electronic services, and its internet version is now used by 1.205 million people. Last year, the portal changed its design and user interface. It offers over 600 services. Among other things, it enables the submission of a tax return, the generation of extracts from the criminal record, the real estate register or from the driver’s point assessment.

According to director Mesršmíd, the mobile application will offer all services of the Portal. In addition, it will be possible to have notifications of changes regarding the user sent directly to the mobile phone.

PHOTO: The citizen on her cell phone is here


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