I can’t anymore, he says – eXtra.cz

I can’t anymore, he says – eXtra.cz
I can’t anymore, he says – eXtra.cz

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Agáta Hanychová seems to have resigned. The influencer confided in the editors of eXtra.cz that she is tired of constant disputes with her former partner Jaromír Soukup. She thus made a serious decision and agreed to all of Soukup’s conditions regarding the care of her daughter Rozárka. “I’m exhausted and I can’t handle the pressure anymore,” she says.

Agáta Hanychová is apparently on the brink of strength. She is tired of the constant arguments she has with her former partner Jaromír Soukup, to whom she gave birth to a little daughter, Rozárka. As she admitted to the editors of eXtra.cz, she agreed to the terms of her former love, for a simple reason – she wants peace for herself and her children.

“I’d rather sign the agreement to him. I don’t put that pressure on mentally anymore. A better agreement than getting cancer. Even if the agreement is disadvantageous for me,” the eXtra.cz influencer confided. She kept her word. As captured by eXtra.cz photographers, during the handing over of little Rozárka on Tuesday, she brought signed papers to Jaromír.

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Again, handing over the daughter lasted only as long as absolutely necessary. Soukup arrived in front of the house, went to untie his daughter, while Agáta slowly left the house, papers in hand. They quickly exchanged Rozárka, Hanychová handed the papers to Jaromír and disappeared again. He returned a few minutes later Miroslav Dopita and they went for a walk together.

Agáta already indicated on her Instagram at Easter that she was fed up with all the arguments. She appealed to all the fathers of her children to end the war in relation to her and at the same time admitted that she acceded to all their conditions – the amount of alimony or not publishing the children’s faces on social networks.

“Easter is a holiday of hope… Dear dads J+J! Please, let’s end the media and legal battle. For the sake of the well-being of our children, I already agree to everything. Pay the child support you think your daughters deserve. I respect your wish not to take pictures of your daughter. I am writing to you publicly, just as the dispute is going on publicly. We all need peace. Thank you. Mother of your daughters: Mia and Rózy.” the influencer wrote.

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