Peter Nagy: He has been going to the gym regularly for thirty years


A famous performer of ever-popular hits Kristina is only sleeping, Protect your follies or Alone with my feet on the table, has maintained the same image for a number of years – longer curls, a hat and a slim, chiseled figure that could easily be envied by men a generation younger. As now Peter Nagy revealed on the social network, he owes his body not so much to good genes… but rather to honest hard work.

“When I was 33 years old, I started going to the gym. For fitness. With occasional breaks, I still do it to this day and I like it,” the musician confided on Instagram and accompanied his words with a picture in sportswear. Taking care of one’s own body, which has been devoted to over three decades, carries with it one drawback… “I’m slowly getting used to always being the oldest in the gym,” he admitted with amusement.

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But the fact that he is surrounded by younger students gives him the motivation and will to not give up and continue working on his physique. And why? “For fitness, for positive thinking, for a smile,” explained Nagy – and for his attitude he received a number of laudatory comments and likes.

“Mr,” for example, rapper Patrik Vrbovský praised him (47) alias Rytmus, rocker Petr Kolář sent him a heart (56) or singer Marta Jandová (49). Only singer Heidi Janků (61), who is almost his age, was embarrassed. “I don’t go…” she admitted contritely.

Peter Nagy

Peter Nagy

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