Daughters and mothers in the same dress


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It is not unusual for the daughters of famous mothers to bring out iconic pieces from their wardrobe. Daughter borrows clothes Salma Hayek, Cindy Crawford and perhaps Brooke Shields. At the same time, these are designer gems that are at least ten or twenty years old. And wow, they still look great on the red carpet.

Birthday in vintage clothes

Trends and fashion are coming back, that’s undeniable. Therefore, we are not surprised that the daughter Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Carys Douglas, wore a quarter-century-old dress to her 21st birthday party a few days ago. It is a satin slip dress à la combination. The impression that it is almost a nightgown is completed by the lace applications and the light pink color.

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Carys Douglas turns 21

The daughter of famous parents celebrated her birthday in style, and her mother also wished her a happy birthday in a post on Instagram: “You are the joy of my life. For 21 years, I’ve watched you grow into the beauty and the most amazing woman you are today,” wrote Catherine Zeta-Jones, who, among others, plays Morticia from the Addams Family in the series Wednesday. It is not clear whether the daughter will follow in her mother’s footsteps. But she has already tried the role of a model – together they photographed a campaign for the Fendi brand in 2019.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are one of Hollywood’s most stable couples, despite the 25-year age difference between them. They celebrated their twenty-third wedding anniversary last November. They married after a two-year relationship in 2000, when the couple had a three-month-old son, Dylan. 2.5 years later, daughter Carys was born. They are very close as a family and Michael expressed that they are very grateful that the children still want to go on holiday with them – they celebrated last Christmas by traveling to India for example (read all about their love story.)

Famous daughters in their mothers’ clothes

Catherine Zeta-Jones originally wore an Ungaro dress to the MTV Movie Awards in 1999. Also notice the handbag (Fendi baguette bag), hair and metallic sandals. It’s very reminiscent of contemporary styling, and yes, we’d also wear this to a birthday party or a red carpet!

Another great outfit was brought out by the model Kaia Gerberwho seems to have lost sight of her mother Cindy Crawford. She wore the daring black Versace corset to celebrate her 18th birthday five years ago. Check out the photo gallery for other daughters who lovingly copy their famous mothers’ wardrobes!

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