What is baby botox? Who is it (not) suitable for and how much does it cost?

Most women in their forties are already dealing with a few deeper wrinkles and often have their first botox. But what if you are only twenty-five or thirty and you don’t want to leave aging by chance or do you feel that your eye area or the furrow between your eyebrows could use a little encouragement?

In such a case, baby botox, sometimes also called mesobotox, is offered. We asked the experts who it is suitable for, who it could harm, and how much you will pay for the procedure.

Who is baby botox suitable for?

How does baby botox differ from a classic procedure? “Botulinum toxin is a natural protein that relaxes the muscles behind facial wrinkles. With baby botox, roughly half the amount is injected as with a classic application,” explains Dominika Slezáková, a dermatologist from the Mediestetik clinic.

It is a painless procedure that is intended for facial areas. A smaller amount of applied substance is especially suitable for women who do not yet have noticeable ones significant wrinkles and they insist that facial expressions be maintained. After the application of baby botox, the skin should be nice and fresh. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, takes a few minutes, and you can immediately return to your normal activities. The effect is visible for about three to six months, then it is possible to go for a new injection.

Photo: Mediesthetik

Baby botox is intended for fine wrinklesPhoto: A media esthetician

When is the right time

There is no exact age limit for baby botox – genes play a big role. “In general, we can talk about women around 30 years old, when the skin is free of significant and deep wrinkles, but at the same time begins to lose firmness. The result is the first signs of aging,” explains Dominika Slezáková, adding that baby botox also serves as a prevention against permanent wrinkles.

Most common use

Botox is used to remove mimic wrinkles, and the greatest interest is in smoothing horizontal ones forehead wrinkle. Another desired place for treatment is the glabella, i.e. the “eyebrow” wrinkle between the eyebrows at the base of the nose, and the eye area – especially the wrinkles at the outer corners, which deepen with age and exposure to UV radiation.

“Botulotoxin can also be used for some types of neck wrinkles. It can also remove orange peel on the chin. It can also be successfully used to correct some minor asymmetries of the face and can reduce the line a smile that reveals the gums,” states dermatologist and anti-aging medicine specialist Zuzana Macková from the Yes Visage Clinic.

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The greatest interest is in smoothing out wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyesPhoto: King, Shutterstock.com

Who is baby botox not suitable for?

You suffer from an inflammatory rash or significant a purulent acne? Then avoid baby botox, especially until the condition improves: the skin should be healthy and ready before application. In the case of acute skin problems, consult an aesthetic procedure with a specialist.

How much does baby botox cost?

The price is determined by the amount of material used and also varies in different workplaces. One application of baby botox costs around 2,500 CZK and depends on the part in question. As already said, the final effect lasts three to six months and the procedure can be performed in the same place up to three times a year, but always follow the dermatologist’s recommendations.

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