Secure your recreational facilities!

Secure your recreational facilities!
Secure your recreational facilities!

ZLÍNSKO: The police are investigating thefts from cottages.

Zlín police officers are dealing with thefts from eight cottages in Zlín na Příluk and Jaroslavice. For the time being, an unknown offender faces a prison sentence of up to three years for theft and violation of home liberty.

The thief broke into seven cottages during the month of May either by breaking a window or by breaking the lock of the front door. In one cottage, he broke the glass panel of the window, but he did not manage to get inside, he did get into another, searched it, but did not steal anything.

Alcohol in particular disappeared from the other huts – plum wine, beer, wine and sparkling wine, as well as tools or food from some. The damage he caused by stealing things is estimated at fifteen thousand crowns, the damage caused by damage to objects amounts to at least seventeen thousand crowns.

A forensic technician collected traces at all locations, which he sent to the forensic institute for examination. The police are looking for the perpetrator or perpetrators.

May 25, 2023, Lt. Bc. Monika Kozumpliková

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