In Borkovy, eggs are decorated with unique scratching, each Easter egg is an original

In Borkovy, eggs are decorated with unique scratching, each Easter egg is an original
In Borkovy, eggs are decorated with unique scratching, each Easter egg is an original

Of course, the eggs must first be deflated, then thoroughly washed and allowed to dry. The “base” prepared in this way is painted by an experienced artist with special alcohol-based paints, which, however, are not easy to find. “The eggs are left to dry and harden for at least a year. You shouldn’t dig into fresh ones,” warns Nádeníčková.

When he then gets down to work and has the basic grids engraved, he begins to conjure floral motifs, for example. “Some little girls get right down to it, but I prefer to lightly sketch the shapes first. I dig from memory as I can think of it. That’s what everyone does,” he smiles.

Scratched – or as they say in Borkovy, “sculpted” – Easter eggs are also unique in this respect. You won’t find two alike in the world. “Even if a person wanted to copy a pattern, he would not succeed. Something different always comes out of it,” says Nádeníčková, shading the rose petals with a file on the egg.

Easter eggs are so typical for Borkovy that they have one in the symbol of the village. Fifteen years ago, they even set up a small Easter egg museum in the local multi-purpose building.

Ostrich eggs are the very crater

Anyone who wants to admire the handmade art of Borkovan women can visit the exhibition. “We don’t have fixed opening hours, interested parties can come almost any time by telephone,” said Marcela Čutová, who is in charge of the local museum.

Even after many years since the opening, there is interest in Easter eggs. Small and large groups go to watch, sometimes even whole tours. “Logically, demand is always at its highest around Easter,” notes Čutová.

When entering the room, however, interested parties will not see the eggs, they are hidden in special display cases. “The colors are sensitive to light and could fade. At Easter, they can be displayed or put in a closet, but after the holidays we have to hide them again,” he emphasizes.

They have hundreds of Easter eggs in the exhibition – from the smallest quail eggs to chicken or goose eggs to large ostriches. At the same time, it is no fun to “draw” the giant. “It’s the crater itself. If it is not sharpened properly, small dents remain after scraping. And it just can’t be sharpened perfectly,” smiles the little Nádeníčková, who learned the technique at the age of eleven and has been scraping eggs as a hobby for half a century.

One work takes an hour

An interesting fact is that it does not come directly from Borkovy, but from nearby Krumvíř. “I learned everything from an old lady who moved not far from our house. She told me and my sister to come visit her and that she would show it to us. That’s how we ran out,” she says. She later married in Borkovy and has lived there for forty years.

The exhibition of Easter eggs, which were created exclusively by Borkovan women, does not remain the same, they are constantly adding to it. “It also happens that someone dies and the survivors find Easter eggs, for example, from their grandmother. They don’t know what to do with them, and we are happy to display them,” says the museum administrator.

The local tradition persists, despite the busy times, about fifty little girls, in some families even three generations, are still dedicated to their patient work. And how long does it take to “sculpt” one egg? Classic hens can be mastered in an hour, the most experienced women can do it even faster. Everyone can see for themselves in Borkovy.

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