New and old. The city is repairing stops, adding digital boards

New and old. The city is repairing stops, adding digital boards
New and old. The city is repairing stops, adding digital boards

There are approximately 400 bus stops in the city of Olomouc. In addition to road repairs, the city also takes care of the maintenance of these sites. The first reconstruction will see a stop during repairs at the intersection of Schweitzerova and Velkomoravská streets.

Part of this event will also be the modification of the Povel škola bus stops, in both directions, when the existing bays made of granite cubes will be replaced by concrete slabs with barrier-free adaptation. An intelligent marker will then be added in the direction from the center,” specified the deputy mayor for transport Miroslava Ferancová.

The city will build completely new stops during the Okružní street repairs. Two new bus stops will have intelligent markers. One of the repairs is also waiting for the Foerstrova – post office stop, in the direction of the Hlavní nádraží. “A platform will be paved here, and since it is a busy route, a new intelligent sign will be added to increase passenger comfort,” appointed by the head of the Department of Transport and Territorial Development, Marek Černý. According to him, the bus stop Finanční úřad, direction Lazce, will also be reconstructed, where a new shelter and an intelligent marker will be added.

Most of the stops in Olomouc are for buses, roughly a third are equipped with shelters, two thirds of the stops have benches. “We often get questions from citizens as to why shelters or benches are missing somewhere. This is usually because the width parameters with regard to the placement of existing utility networks do not allow their placement.” specified Černý. Residents’ initiatives are collected by city district commissions.

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