Another would not survive. The man breathed four per million behind the wheel, then drank even more at home instead of being questioned


Police spokeswoman Kateřina Kubzová reported on the case of an incorrigible drunkard on Tuesday.

“The police decided to check the driver, so they asked him to stop the vehicle. However, the driver did not react to this and continued to drive smoothly for another kilometer, where he stopped at one of the houses. The first breath test showed a value of over 2.70 per thousand, the following two tests almost 3.80 per thousand of alcohol in the breath,” said the spokeswoman.

The police officers prohibited the man from driving any further and confiscated his driver’s license. “He stated that he drank about four beers in the afternoon and in the evening, when he thought he was no longer under the influence of alcohol, he went to the gas station to buy more bottles,” said Kubzová.

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Due to his drunkenness, the police called him in for an explanation the next day. However, the man did not come to the office and did not answer the phone. The patrol therefore went to his place of residence, where they found him again in an intoxicated state.

Six per thousand with no signs of health problems

“This time, the man breathed over six per million of alcohol in his breath. The person in question did not show signs of health problems, so he was left at home in the care of his mother,” said the spokeswoman, adding that the interrogation was only successful after a few days.

The police told the man in abbreviated preliminary proceedings that he is suspected of committing the crime of endangerment under the influence of a drug, and he faces up to a year in prison.

A blood alcohol level this high is a lethal dose for most people. Even at five per thousand, the mortality rate is roughly fifty percent.

The result of the breath test should be taken with a grain of salt, especially if it takes place shortly after drinking, as it can be significantly affected by residual alcohol vapors in the mouth. Only the subsequent blood analysis is important.

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