PHOTO: The monastery returned the defeat to the Kryrs with interest. The losers were said to have heavy legs


The home match of leaders Klášterec nad Ohří with Kryry, who had beaten Lenešice, another aspirant for promotion, turned into a total demolition of the opponent in the I. B class. “It was probably our best performance,” praised the coach of the winners, Pavel Schettl. “The introduction determined the direction of the match,” was the disappointed Havran captain Petr Lávička.

In the stadium, still smelling of newness after reconstruction, the home team led from the fifth minute, when Boček hit the ball into the net. Faltus scored five minutes later, and Klášterečtí added four more goals before halftime. “It was known that Klášterec occupies the first place in the table for a reason. In addition, he wanted to return the 5:1 defeat from the fall,” Lávička pointed out.

The Kryr players couldn’t keep up, their fans, who had come to the foot of the Ore Mountains, looked at each other in embarrassment. “The opponent was well prepared for us. We had heavy legs, we were late in the fights. In addition, we made unnecessary mistakes,” annoyed the visiting captain.

Martin Fenin, former national team forward

The inmate of Teplice, Fenin, has completed anti-alcohol treatment. Both Baroš and Ujfaluš helped

Klášterec strung the fourth bead on its string of wins, it has a four-point lead at the top of the table. “I’m satisfied. But we can still improve. This team is capable of even better performances!” thinks Schettl. And does it also have the potential to perform successfully in the I.A class? “Certainly yes. In the winter preparation, I played three matches with teams from the I.A class and we only lost to Good measurers. Even though it was just a preparation, we at least matched our opponents in terms of pace, technical skills and organization of the game.”

Schettla is also pleased that his charges have a responsible approach to training. “He doesn’t cheat on the training process, it can be said that he goes in full force. That’s a big plus for improvement.”

Vasil Knor and Valerie Herianová

Miss as a football presenter. In Ústí, the management treated me terribly, he claims

Against the Kryrs, Klášterec did not correct the score in the second half and won convincingly 9:2. “For that, I’m glad that we didn’t slack off like we did recently in Osek. It’s good, more difficult matches are yet to come, our lead is not big,” the coach of the leader looks forward to the next duels.

The Kryra are also already looking ahead. “We have already put the match in Klášterec behind us. Now we are concentrating on Saturday’s match with Litvínov, in which we want to show our strength and get back on the winning streak. Above all, we want to give back to our fans what they give us. They travel with us to every match, they support us profusely. We thank them very much for that!” said Lávička to a large camp of supporters.

Sport football IB class Lenešice (blue) Osek

Not even a crown from the city for adult football. Osek is considering a voluntary fall

Kryry are new to the I. B class, currently in sixth position. “We definitely want to finish in the top half of the table. The squad gained stability, we got used to each other, we have been playing together for a long time. We manage to play in combination, that’s how we want to present ourselves.”


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