Wild boars on the football field. Did the cowherds experience drama, were they lured by the mackerel?


Wild pigs in action! There was a real uproar on Sunday morning at the football stadium in Kravařy. It wasn’t the local footballers, who by the way are currently in top form, but fifteen wild pigs running around their green lawn.

Wild pigs ran across the cow farm’s football field.

| Video: courtesy of Miroslav Josefus

“Well, I’ve never experienced that here,” said Miroslav Josefus, the operator of a local pub. “About ten o’clock in the morning, fifteen wild pigs appeared on the playground,” he described the unusual experience.

“The wild boars also got to the places where we bake mackerel,” explained Josefus.

The suspended player could return to the match. Unfortunately, he only found out in the shower

“One pig still made a clearing here, tore down a fence, the rest of the herd fled to the park. Decent adrenaline for a Sunday morning,” added the football pub operator, who did not lose his presence of mind and managed to film the wild boars.

Good news? It did not affect the football program in any way. Kravař played their last match on Friday, when they won 5:1 in the regional championship at Dolní Datyně. On Sunday, April 7, they will challenge Stonava.


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