Repairs have begun on the busy 5th of May street on the main road, restricting traffic


/VIDEO, PHOTO/ During April, drivers must expect slight delays on the busy road in 5. května street, which is part of the Prague highway leading around the Prague Congress Center. The second phase of road repairs in the direction from the D1 highway to the center of the metropolis began here.

May 5 street repairs.

| Video: Diary/Radek Cihla

Two lanes in each direction will be maintained on the highway throughout the construction period. One lane will be in the repaired lane and the other in the opposite lane.

Work on the reconstruction of 5.května street.

Drivers, beware: After Easter, more repairs await the 5. května street on the highway

The mentioned section has already completed the first part of the road repairs, in the opposite direction, i.e. from the city center to the D1 highway. It took place already in the autumn of last year. The current road repairs will be the same as they were just this fall.

According to experts, the surface of the road in 5. května street in the section from Nuselské bridge over Kongresová street to the bridge over Táborská street is already 12 years old and shows numerous cracks and no longer meets the anti-noise parameters. Therefore, correction is necessary in both directions.

Source: Diary/Radek Cihla

“In addition to the replacement of the road surface, it will also include the repair of cracks in the underlying layers, the modification of road drainage, the leveling and replacement of damaged curbs or the height adjustment of the surface features of utility networks. Finally, a new low-noise asphalt layer will be laid, horizontal traffic markings will be renewed, and all bridges on this section will receive new elastic closures. As part of the works, the local vegetation, especially the bushes, will also be adjusted so that they do not restrict or endanger drivers when passing and parking in this section,” said Iveta Štočková, press spokesperson for EUROVIA CZ, a member of the VINCI Construction CS Group.

Communication repair phase

Phase 1 – from April 3 to 16 – the stop lane, slow lane and part of the middle lane will be repaired. For that reason, the exit and entrance to the highway from Lounských Street will be closed. The bypass route will be marked in both directions by Kongresová and Petra Rezka streets.

Phase 2 – from April 17 to 26 – work will move to the fast lane and part of the middle lane. The aforementioned descent and ramp will now be without restrictions.

3rd phase – between April 27 and 28 – gradual removal of traffic measures and restoration of traffic after communication without restrictions

Source: Diary/Radek Cihla


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