The museum in Rokycany will present the legendary tank. The machine also played in the movie


The Rokycanské Museum on the demarcation line will present a unique novelty in the new season. People will see an exact and fully functional replica of the legendary Tiger I tank. The metal monster was made by a group of enthusiasts at the request of a film production for the filming of a German war film.

The main novelty of this season in the Rokycan Museum on the demarcation line will be the Tiger I tank. Fans of military technology made it for the filming of a German war film

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The new season will begin in the largest non-state military museum in the republic on April 20. Visitors can view not only an exact copy in its full beauty German tank Tiger I, but also another replica of this machine.

“According to the only surviving original exhibited at the tank museum in Bovington, UK, our boys built a replica of it on tracks. On request filmmakers they also produced another piece on a wheeled chassis. In some places where the filming was done, it was not possible to use a machine on tracks so as not to destroy the background,” explained Radka Vávrová, a member of the museum’s board of directors, saying that around this tank there are ramps on which the film crew moves during filming. This way, people will see how the scenes that take place while driving are created.

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Enthusiasts from the Rokycan museum flew to England to see the original tank. They were able to build the copies in the gallows deadline in the workshops in Mýta.

“75 days have passed since the entry into the first flap. We approached several machine shops that made the individual parts and then assembled it. A total of 15 people were involved in various trades, from repairmen to room painters. Of course, we drive the tank ourselves during filming, we wouldn’t entrust it to anyone,” explained Miroslav Koloc (originally a car designer by profession, ed.), who is the soul of the team.

The main novelty of this season in the Rokycan Museum on the demarcation line will be the Tiger I tank. Fans of military technology made it for the filming of a German war filmSource: Diary/Veronika Krátká

“The plot of the film takes place in the Russian Stalingrad for the second world war. We haven’t seen it yet, it’s not in theaters yet. Unfortunately, the contract with its production does not allow us to reveal the name,” added Koloc.

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“We have already produced a whole range of machines for filmmakers. For example, in the film Calm on the Western Front, there were two functional mock-ups of French tanks from the first world war Saint Chamond. We built a German Panther tank named T-34 for the Russian feature film Legenda, and a German PZ III tank for the American trilogy War of Fire,” recalled museum director František Koch. Most of these machines can be viewed by people in the area.

Preparations for the season are in full swing

Preparations for the new season will begin in full this weekend. “We have a brigade waiting for us. 60 members of the military club will meet here history, who works at our museum, plus other volunteers. He will start muttering, we will clean, wash, tidy up, take down the tarpaulins from the exhibits. We also need to install labels and voice boxes with interpretation in four languages,” concluded Radka Vávrová.

The museum on the demarcation line will be open to the public on weekends and holidays from April 20 to the end of June. During the summer holidays, people can go there every day.

The main event of the season, the Liberation Celebration, is scheduled for May 4. The organizers are preparing a combat demonstration, a parade of equipment, interactive competitions for children and a concert by the Tremolo orchestra ending with fireworks.

The museum team has also already started preparations for the next big event, Day of the Ground Forces – Mud, which this year will take place at the tankodrome near Strašice on June 29.

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