People tried to get Svoboda away from the party, now they are postponing the case

People tried to get Svoboda away from the party, now they are postponing the case
People tried to get Svoboda away from the party, now they are postponing the case

At today’s plenary committee, we do not have this as a point of contention, party chairman, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jureka told This was also confirmed by deputy chairman Tom Zdechovsk and speaker Simon Dytrych.

At the beginning of April, the presidency of the KDU-SL called on the former leader of the People’s Party, Cyril Svoboda, to resign from the party.

The Presidium of the KDU-SL distances itself from the activities of Cyril Svoboda, which has long been incompatible with the party’s political agreement, it was decided by the party leadership. The Presidium of the KDU-SL calls on Cyril Svoboda to, in view of his many media appearances, in view of his recent engagement with ANO chairman Andrej Babia and in view of the disrespectful resolution of the Presidium of the KDU-SL from 2021, to resign from the party, or one of the parties it is corrupting, not inealing, the people’s spades were resolved.

When someone else has a vision, try to talk to them. That’s what Stalin, Dzerinsky, Gottwald and this group were doing, ex-minister Svoboda responded. At that time, he made it clear that he had extended the call to the presidency and that there was no change in his position on the side of the constitution.

KDU-SL Mayor and Minister of the Environment Petr Hladk proposed that the People’s People get rid of their former leader, who accused the former People’s Leader of recent political scandals, including an interview for the Voice of Europe server, which the government put on the Czech sanction list.

My vision is clear, for me it is a value issue, said Hladk after one government. He responded to the question of whether he would propose the exclusion of Svoboda by saying that he made two statements clear.

Jureka claimed twice that he wanted to meet Svoboda in person and that he didn’t care, so he should leave. I released my vision about five years ago, when he became an official advisor to Babie, and I did not agree with that step. I think his decision did not go well with him. At this moment, I am ready for him with my personal fence or in O, Kal Jurek.

When asked whether he had met with ex-foreign minister Svoboda and whether he had spoken to him about his objections to why he should leave the party, Jurek answered in “He hasn’t spoken yet.”

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