Prague: A play about history, in the footsteps of the totalitarian past


Those interested will meet in front of the building of the Prague municipality, from where they will set off to the streets of Prague to places connected with communist totality in Czechoslovakia at the time. According to Mark, the circuit should take about 45 minutes. For example, in Pařížská Street, participants will reminisce Stalin’s monument on Letná and its author Otakar Švec. The sculptor committed suicide in March 1955, less than two months before the unveiling of the sculptures. The communists removed the monument in the fall of 1962.

According to Mark, this year’s novelty is stop at the Estates Theatre, where people will remember 40 years since the filming of the film Amadeus directed by Miloš Forman, which was filmed, among other things, in the Stavovské divadl. The film is an adaptation of the play of the same name by the English playwright Peter Schaffer and is about the music composers Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Comrades and comrades…

The walk will also take the participants to the Kinsky Palace on the Old Town Square, from where Communist President Klement Gottwald spoke or to the Old Town Hall. The BEZkomunistů.cz platform regularly organizes events commemorating historical anniversaries and personalities who defied the communist regime.

This is how he looked down on the people of Prague for seven years…

Author: Alexandr Malachovsky

The article is in Czech

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