Festival Chomutovskogo: Laughter summer with Rytmus, beer and children’s festivals

Festival Chomutovskogo: Laughter summer with Rytmus, beer and children’s festivals
Festival Chomutovskogo: Laughter summer with Rytmus, beer and children’s festivals

The Laughing Summer in Kadani, which celebrates its twentieth anniversary in June, presents itself as “the most iconic festival in the north”. With the jubilee year, new organizers also come with their decision to focus more on modern trends. Originally the festival belonged to rock, currently it is supposed to bring a pop and hip-hop experience.

Cultural summer in Chomutovska:

May 19: Food Festival Kadaň and Kludského garden in Jirkov25th of May: Maxips Fik’s birthday in KadaniMay 28 – 31: Kadaň Fairytale Festival1 June: Parties in Františkán KadaňJune 8: Monster Meeting in ChomutovJune 15: Kadaň beer festivalJune 22: Laughed summer KadaňJune 22 – October 12: StrippedJune 29: Roots and Blues festival Červený HrádekJuly 9 – 13: Monastery musical sourcesJuly 19 – 21: Track 2024 ChomutovJuly 20: Music KadaňJuly 21: Kadaň Folk and Wind Music FestivalJuly 27: Festival of Tea Enthusiasts10th of August: Rapmaster 2024August 29 – 31: Moody Moon Noize vol. 5 Chomutov

“As natives of Kadaňa, participants of the last twelve years and friends of the former owners and founders, we could not refuse the offer to take over. They liked the initial idea of ​​moving the festival in a different direction, and what we came out with is just proof of our vision,” said promoter Miroslav Kanči. “Even though the organization of the festival is something new for us, we feel the importance of the project and with our entire team we are looking forward to the top day on June 22,” he added.

Spectators will once again have fun under the walls, where they will experience a twelve-hour musical “shift” at two stages. A dozen performers will take turns on the main stage: Ektor, winner of the Angel Prize in the Discovery category Annabelle, Sergei Barracuda, rappers Yzomandi and Nik Tendo, Sofian Medjmedj, Ben Cristovao, S or the popular musical couple Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj. The main star will be the Slovak hip-hop group Kontrafakt, whose members are Rytmus, Ego and DJ Anys.

Another month and Kamencové Lake will have a backup water supply. Permanently

Tickets are sold in three waves. The first one is already sold out. The second will run until the end of April, and interested parties can buy “peels” in it for 1,050 crowns, then they will be for 1,100 crowns until sold out.

The contemporary art festival Obnaženi in Chomutov, which has an alternative and experimental nature, will also celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. This time it will be spread over five months – it will start in June and the last event will close it only in October. He wants to involve more children, which is best done during the school year.

“During the holidays, as part of the main program, many children are on trips, at camps, at their grandmothers’ and grandfathers’,” explained the organizing association of the same name on its Facebook page. “That’s why we joined forces with MAS Sdružení Západní Orešnohoří and the Dance and Physics performance from Ostružiny will have the opportunity to visit the theater with their teachers on June 25 and 26. 400 children from Chomutov and Jirkovo primary schools!

Hip-hop, rap, strings…

Pure music festivals will include the hip-hip and rap Rapmeister 2024 at the former football stadium in Chomutov and the Monster Meeting festival, which is a unique rock event in the Chomutov summer cinema.

The garden of the Kadaň monastery will belong to the unique music festival pARTy in Františkán, the garden of the Střelnice Hudbě Kadaň and the space in front of the Červený Hrádek castle to the Roots and Blues festival.

Klášterec nad Ohří will once again come to life with serious music in July, whose castle will be resounded by the Klášterecké musical springs under the direction of violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcené.

Theater and dance performance

The Kludské zahrada festival dedicated to music and theater will take the audience to Jirkov. The two-day Trať 2024 festival, which aims to revive old abandoned station buildings through fresh domestic alternative culture, will also showcase the crossover from music to theatre, dance and visual arts. The venue will be the railway station in Chomutov.

The fifth edition of the Moody Moon Noize vol. 5 boutique festival will offer concerts, readings by authors, art installations, discussions and themed walks. It is organized by the Kuprospěch association, which is trying to revive several places in the center with it: the former spa, Kamencové lake, the museum, the Kulisárna theater or church of st. Catherine.

In May, two festivals in Kadan will be dedicated to children: the Kadan Fairy Tale Festival and the Birthday of Maxips Fík.

In short, not even gourmets will come. For example, the Food Festival, the Festival of Tea Enthusiasts and the Beer Festival in Kadani will take care of this, as well as the traditional Czech-Saxon Beer Festival in Vejprty, which attracted two and a half thousand people last June.

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Source: Diary/Miroslava Šebestová

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