In honor of the deceased coach, they organized karate competitions in Lovosice


On Sunday, April 21, the second year of the Josef Rajchert Memorial was held in Lovosice, dedicated to the memory of the late coach, who dedicated his entire life to Czech and world karate.

Josef Rajchert died after a long illness at the end of September 2022. After his death, under the leadership of a team of trainers from Ústí nad Labem and Lovosice, the karate club continues successfully and the members continue to collect sporting successes at home and abroad.

The Josef Rajchert Memorial continued the tradition of the so-called May Cup, which has already become a traditional race in Lovosice, where competitors from all over the Czech Republic come together. This year was certainly no exception. Almost 250 competitors from 16 sports clubs took part in the competition.

In the morning there was a kata competition – practice of predetermined sets of techniques and kata duo – synchronous practice of pairs, and in the afternoon a kumite competition – controlled match between two wrestlers for points. Despite considerable competition, our trainees managed to win 49 precious metals.

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First of all, we would like to highlight the performances of Vojta Zimmerman, who has shown great progress over the last few months, which he only proved by winning his category in the hangman discipline, and Richard Haraszti, who has also improved a lot recently. Richard finished in a beautiful second place, right behind his colleague from the club Ondra Obhlídal.

Also deserving of praise are the girls Ellen Forišová, who finished first in her category in the discipline of kumite, in which she has only been competing for a year and a half and still occupies the first place in most competitions, and Emilie Mikota, who did not do very well at the competitions, but with her talent and if he is diligent in training, it won’t be long before he wins all the races.

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Karate is historically very closely connected with Lovosice, when it was Josef Rajchert, the founder of the Lovosice club and an internationally recognized referee, who came from Lovosice and trained karate here since his youth. Throughout his life, he inspired many young people, for whom he often became a second father, and led them to a proper life, even after the end of his sports career, he still stayed in touch with them.

Thanks to him, karate has been practiced in Lovosice for more than 30 years.

Katka Tamchynová

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