War zone with burnt out cars in Prague. The festival will change the metropolis

Designer Maxim Velčovský is preparing an installation Physical possibility of death in the center of the metropolis on Mariánské náměstí, in which he will use burned-out cars from Ukraine and supplement them with stories of Ukrainian citizens who lost not only their cars, but also their families.

The biggest foreign star is Refik Anadol, a new media artist, designer and pioneer in the field of art that works with artificial intelligence. His work created from city data of Prague, which was provided by the Institute of Planning and Development hl. city ​​of Prague, will present at the Center of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAMP). The work, in which the curators of the festival are significantly involved, will be exhibited here until November 6, 2022.

“Refik Anadol is currently one of the world’s most sought-after digital artists. We are very lucky to have known each other for many years. Until now, Signal Festival has watched from afar, but this year he created a tailor-made installation for us. The tenth year is a celebration of creativity and art, so I am extremely happy that a number of important Prague institutions, such as the National Theatre, Kunsthalle Prague, Vzlet or Czech Technical University, have joined us to celebrate the first big anniversary with us. More than 3 million people have already visited Signal Festival, which I think is great. Now we have another decade ahead of us, lots of new projects and new challenges. For this year, we have also prepared the largest gallery zone to date and a rich weekly accompanying program,” said the director of the Signal Festival, Martin Pošta.

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Signal Festival and Kunsthalle Prague will present the work of Czech artist Ondřej Zunka, who uses hyperrealistic aesthetics. His PHOTOSYSTEM II lets visitors delve into the secrets of photosynthesis.

Videomapping and dance connect the LUNAtic performance of Miřenka Čechová, who was inspired by the work of the French surrealist poet Joyce Mansourová and the Czech surrealist poet Jana (Honza) Krejcarová. The production will take place in the premises of the Kateřinská Garden, which is part of the General Faculty Hospital.

The accompanying program will offer expert discussions and other multimedia performances. Tickets are sold at www.signalfestival.com.

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