Technology of the capital city of Prague: New unique lamps resembling a tree were installed on a pilot basis in Prague 6

07/09/2022 17:05 | Press Release

Thanks to the climbing plants, it also brings greenery to the city

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In the sixth district of the city, since September, there are two less classic public lighting poles. Instead of them, the so-called green lamps stand there on a pilot basis, which, in addition to the light fixtures, are equipped with other elements that positively improve the environment in the city: flower pots with climbing plants, a bench and also today’s popular snails, which are still waiting to be connected to the water line. The project sponsored by the municipal company Technologie hl. of the City of Prague (THMP), was inspired by lamps from Singapore.


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“They say it’s darkest under the lamp. In the 21st century, this is no longer the case – under this there will not only be light, but at the same time it will be a place of rest and, in connection with climate changes, also a place that will partly cool the immediate surroundings,” highlighted the multi-purposeness of the tested lamps, the councilor. City of Prague for the property area Jan Chabr.

According to Tomáš Novotný, deputy chairman of the board of directors of THMP, the project is mainly a pilot project: “This is our first such undertaking, you will not find any lamps deviating from their classic form and function in Prague so far. It is also unique in that it is inspired by foreign countries, namely Singapore, where there are illuminated lamps resembling a tree. We will evaluate our Czech ones for three years,” he said.

Prague residents will find the first green lamp at the railway crossing near the Hradčanská subway exit, and the second in Dejvická Street near the Praha-Dejvice railway station. “The locations for placing the lamps were chosen because it is very complicated or almost impossible to plant trees in these places. However, the goal is not to replace living trees, but to place greenery where it would not be possible otherwise,” explained Martina Kaňáková, chairwoman of the Environmental Commission of the City of Prague 6. The project was created based on the request of the municipal district.

Climbing plants were grown by the Czech University of Agriculture for the use of green lamps. At the same time, these are different species –? some will provide shade, others evergreens, fragrant and colorful flowers or edible fruits. This year, the most important thing is their proper rooting so that they can grow in the next year. It is assumed that in the course of the next year, greenery should cover the entire structure of the lamp. The City of Prague 6 will take care of its maintenance for the entire duration of the pilot project.

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