Bitcoin mining computers are moving to Africa. Electricity is cheaper there


Pi tb bitcoins are used by specialized machines to create transactions in the blockchain and give operators a fixed reward in the form of tokens. The anonymous creator or creators of Bitcoin will always be rewarded there once every three years pl. Clem is to prevent the debasement of Bitcoin. The next diaper will happen at the end of April, and the reward for tae pi n will drop to 3.125 bitcoins from the current 6.25.

Therefore, efforts are being made to reduce the impact of the reward by switching to the newest and most efficient technology, Bloomberg reported. Considering that the largest investment in the field is electronics, the company, including publicly traded companies Marathon Digital Holdings or Riot Platforms, must cut costs in this area as well, in order to be able to make a positive profit.

They’re old enough to get rid of now, but they can still make a profit if they’re used in a world with cheap electronics. It’s a natural migration, buyers of old machines move to places where energy is the cheapest, said Taras Kulyk, managing director of sales at SunnySide Digital, who has resold American cars in countries such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, and South American Paraguay and Uruguay.

According to the estimate of Ethan Very, the operations editor of Luxor Technology in Seattle, which provides services in the field of cryptocurrency and logistics, about 600,000 S19s, which make up the majority of the machines currently in use, are moving from the US to Africa and South America.

People all over the world who do not have their own equipment pay a fee for so-called hosting. This usually includes electricity, labor and tetch party operators. Fees in the US in piblin seven cents per kilowatt hour. In Ethiopia, which has relaxed the regulations for cryptocurrencies and increased the production of electronics, the rate is around five cents. However, this two-cent difference is negligible for those who consume huge amounts of energy.

Ethiopia has become a real big game in the digital TV ecosystem, added Kulyk from the SunnySide company. His company is now talking about an agreement that would help move between 20 and 40 thousand African women to this East African country.


Not all Americans want to leave the country. Sales are also difficult for companies traded on the stock exchange, because they have to take into account shares that do not have a very high tolerance for risk. This creates room for debate over whether to send the machines abroad, due to the investment in transport, the risk of breakage and safety concerns.

For example, the publicly traded company Bit Digital, one of the largest bitcoins, does not have an old boot lying idle in a warehouse in Houston. In essence, these machines are only used, said editor-in-chief Sam Tabar.

They have been preparing for diapers for several years and spent a large pension on replacing old hardware. The largest exchange-traded bitcoin has ordered more than one billion dollars worth of machines since 2023, and the server has been replaced by the cryptocurrency TheMinerMag.

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