The police proposed to indict Mynar – Novinky


Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Hynek Olma said that the indictment proposal is related to the subsidy for the reconstruction of the guesthouse in Auschwitz.

The police proposal will now be assessed by the prosecutor. He will either identify with the criminalists’ move and indict Mynář, or stop the prosecution. It can be assumed that the prosecutor will decide on the next course of action within a few months.

Mynář did not comment on the matter and did not respond to an SMS with a question.

Mynář’s company was fined for taking water for making snow on the slope


Mynář’s company Clever Management was awarded a subsidy of several million for the boarding house by the office of the Regional Council of the Central Moravian Cohesion Region. After an inspection of the funding, in which it encountered doubts, the authority asked the police to verify the subsidy. According to the office, the company Clever Management did not state in the application for a subsidy, contrary to the instructions, that the building had already been subsidized by the Ministry of Education.

In February 2021, the police charged Mynar with the crime of damaging the financial interests of the European Union.

Former President Miloš Zeman repeatedly asked Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) to co-sign the abolition, which related to Mynář’s subsidy case.

Stříž contested in court the ministry’s decision that Mynář does not have to return the pension subsidy


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