Presidential elections in Slovakia 2024: Electoral calculator 2nd round

Presidential elections in Slovakia 2024: Electoral calculator 2nd round
Presidential elections in Slovakia 2024: Electoral calculator 2nd round

You can try the calculator right now.

Answer 42 questions and find out which of the candidates could be “yours”. Since it is a Slovak election, the application is available in Slovak. The portal Infovoľ is the main collaborator in Slovakia.

The election calculator is used to compare the opinions and attitudes of the public with what politicians do and promise. This is a long-term project of the association, which launched the first calculator 18 years ago. Since then, they have prepared more than a hundred of them, not only for Slovak elections, but also for Czech, Hungarian, Polish and other European countries.

Calculator as a guide

The calculator never tells or advises the user who to vote for. It is always up to the voter who they will vote for.

We know from experience that the candidates themselves answer based on at least two principles: 1. How they think it should be in an ideal world, 2. What they think is realistically passable.

The main reason for the creation of the calculator was to serve the public: to offer a helping hand and get to know the spectrum of personalities, parties and movements (some of which do not even publish their programs). The ambiguity of the offer of personalities or parties persists to this day, when candidates and entire political entities have moved from websites and e-mails to social networks.

The calculator is one of the easiest ways to present your positions to the widest public. Not everyone is satisfied with simple shouts and inciting culture wars, voters very often demand a realistic program that contains ideas about the functioning of health care, education, etc.

At the same time, they want to know what the candidates really mean: Should the country really leave the EU? Should a progressive tax be more structured? Of course, a large part of the questions relate to the president’s powers themselves, but voters also compare a lot of other positions that are not directly related to the performance of the office. The president has a huge influence on the public debate, sets the theme and the tone, and has unlimited access to the media.

We didn’t leave anyone out

Before every election, we contact all candidates – without exception. Everyone received a description of the calculator as a tool and clear instructions on how to fill in the answers. Everyone was also given the opportunity to comment on the chosen topic, if they did not want to limit themselves to yes or no answers.

In the event that any of the candidates does not fill in their answers even after e-mail and phone calls, the procedure always follows the same scenario: for candidates who have at least a 3% chance of being elected, so-called expert answers are prepared based on information from public sources , as the candidates expressed themselves. We then include the sources as references in the final comparison of results.

What is an election calculator anyway


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