He shot because he was being bullied. The 12-year-old attacker from the Finnish school admitted the motive


One student, who was also 12 years old, died in Tuesday’s shooting, and two other students were seriously injured. Flags across Finland flew at half-mast on Wednesday.

The suspected student confessed to the crime to investigators and remains in the care of social services, as the Finnish police cannot take into custody a child who is not criminally responsible. No one has yet spoken publicly on his behalf, Reuters reports.

Both the assailant, the victim and both injured were of Finnish nationality, although one of the injured girls had dual citizenship – Finnish and Kosovar. Police urged the public not to spread rumors about the incident on social media.

“There is a lot of different, partly inaccurate information about what happened. “Police continue to emphasize that spreading certain false information on social media is a crime,” investigators said, according to Reuters.

The shooter used a firearm for the attack, for which his close relative had a valid permit. The student transferred to Viertola school, where the incident happened, at the beginning of this year. The facility is attended by about 800 pupils in nine classes and has approximately 90 staff members.

Previous school shootings have led to a discussion in Finland about the need to tighten gun laws. These debates were sparked primarily by the act of eighteen-year-old student Pekka-Erik Auvine, who in November 2007 shot eight people and then himself at the Jokela high school in Tuusula, southern Finland.

A year later, in 2008, another student, 22-year-old Matti Saari, shot and killed ten people at Kauhajoki High School. The gun laws were tightened in 2010.

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