Armory and the first league? This ship has already sailed! You have to wait for the next one

Armory and the first league? This ship has already sailed! You have to wait for the next one
Armory and the first league? This ship has already sailed! You have to wait for the next one

The last duel of Zbrojovka was in the spirit of the last chance to become a serious pursuer of the first Dukla. The opponent was the reserve team of Sparta Prague, which arrived in Brno with a significantly reduced squad and only four players on the field. The first act offered energetic football by the young men from Strahov, which resulted in two beautiful combinations with a goal point for the people of Prague. In contrast, Zbrojovka kept offering the same image of the game known from previous matches. She was playing in spasms and her passing was lacking. In addition, she bought a lot of mistakes and corrected the score until the end.

The second half offered completely different football. The home team switched two levels in commitment and began to crush Sparta’s future hopes. If it weren’t for the cheap goal scored by the home team’s Alijagič, who practically drove the ball towards his own goal, then handed it to the opponent, who coolly hung it up, the red and whites could have thought about turning the game around. However, Spartan goalkeeper Jakub Surovčík also deserves high credit. He literally trampled the Brno shooters with his high-level interventions. Therefore, it is also possible that he will appear in the newly created project of the second division eleven of the month of our Žongl magazine. At the final 2:3 from Brno’s point of view, Roman Potočný, who scored the fourth goal in the last four games, reduced the set-up.

Save yourself, forget and start again

The final result speaks clearly. Making up for a thirteen-point deficit in the first Dukla is equal to the miracle of the decade. In addition, the competition begins the last third of its duration. The playoff is much closer, but the game shown is a long way from an equal confrontation with the first league. Captain Řezníček himself indicated in the post-match press conference that his team does not rightfully belong at the forefront of the second league table.

However, the latest results of the second league put the people of Brno in a new situation. With a seven-point loss to the relegation zone and the current (bad) form, it is now necessary to think about saving. This year’s year is very balanced and every single point changes its position in the table, perhaps even by several levels. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to win the next home duel with the last Prostějov. In case of defeat, Zbrojovka would be in for another big problem. Next year can only be better, although it is almost certain that it will be in the second division again.

A change of coach is almost certain

Above all, the game shown and the approach to maximum effort have been more than dismal since the beginning of the spring season. Voices are heard from among the fans that they don’t remember Zbrojovka being this weak. Coach Polách probably senses that his end is near. It is said that Adrián Gula and Michal Bílek have already been approached. However, according to the website, both of them rejected the offer to train Brno. There is also talk about Václav Jílek.

Roman, keep trying

Roman Potočný averaged one goal per game in the spring. Unfortunately, three of the hits did not result in a score for Zbrojovka in the table. The well-known forward is perhaps the only one in the team who is not afraid of a shot from mid-range, and very often in the year he was just inches away from greater production and goal statistics. Unfortunately, the quality of the interlude matches the team, but the dynamite in his left leg can make the difference.

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